David’s “Meltdown”

David Gilmour was the featured artist for the 2001 Robert Wyatt Meltdown Festival and took the opportunity to strip things down and play semi-acoustic versions of classic Floyd songs.

This is the soundtrack from the DVD “David Gilmour in concert”, from the Royal Festival Hall in London, 22 June 2001.   Short and sweet… hope you enjoy!  Here’s the playlist.

14 thoughts on “David’s “Meltdown”

  1. I have all of the Podcasts since inception. You are looking at 32GB for everything. Including the Video podcast. This includes all removed podcasts and duplicates, like Pink Floyd’s Worst. Doc, you should have an archive but charge for it. I wish I could donate, I am just going through a bad patch.

  2. Folks, this is a blessing to have. It has never been released on audio, yet some of David’s best. One of the best 5.1 dvd’s to own as well. Thank you again Doc for all of your hard work to bring these masterpieces to the masses for all these years!

  3. Greetings Doc
    Just a short note of very deep appreciation for all your priceless and impressive labour of love for all things Pink.
    Just wondering if you would ever consider adding the possible option being abler to download batches of archive podcasts by category compressed with winzip or the like? Just wondering is all.
    Shine on!

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