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Thanks!  Matt “Doc” Leonard

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  1. Yay!! A Christmas miracle!! I FINALLY was able to successfully make a PayPal donation!! It’ only took 3 f#$ki’ years. I’ll be doing this every other month. WELCOME BACK DOC!!

  2. My 1st donation to congrats the long years fantastic work for the fans. Many thanks from luisgomesrj Rio de Janeiro Brasil. $9.49. Its not much i know bit is from the heart.
    Ps: sorry for my ugly english
    Obrigado mais uma vez

  3. Sent you a donation for your Tireless and Fantastic work , things will turn around ,they always Do , thanks Doc

  4. Paypal is insane. Pound-for-pound, Paypal causes me more weekly grief than anything else in my life right now. Like all security-crazed organizations, they succumb to Celine’s 1st Law of Politics. They overdose on security. I’ve confirmed my checking account time and time again. They’re never satisfied. Tonight I wanted to chip in for the ‘Southampton’ podcast but again faced a “periodical, random security” hurdle which will take days to clear. Doctor, what other donation methods are viable? Mind now, I don’t use any ‘apps’.

  5. Hello Doc.

    I’ve been listening to your podcast for several years and it is truly amazing.

    One question I have tho is, it seems that all the podcast are now only the intro (which I love) and maybe two songs. Why is this happening? Why are the full episodes not appearing on my end?

    Thanks for all your work, its what I look forward to.


    • Hello Rick! Thank you for being such a long time listener!

      That issue is very odd and I’ve never heard of that happening before. What do you use to download and play your podcasts? Have you considered re-downloading them? Are you having this problem with all the podcasts or only recently? Have you tried streaming the podcast? When’s the last time it cleared out your temporary Internet files?

      • Hey Doc – I listen to your Podcast directly on your website. Just press play and whamo, I usually am able to listen to the entire cast… I use firefox 77.01…. Ive missed out on so many podcast…. ive never had to download any of the episodes not sure i want to due to space limitations.

        • Hey Rick! I really appreciate you listening to the podcast directly on my website! If you have any problems streaming the podcast on firefox or any other browser, make sure you clear out your temporary Internet files and restart your browser. That should do the trick but if you have any problems let me know!

  6. Anytime the site’s maintenance costs are crimpin’ the Doktor’s wallet, the Good Dokker should most definitely make some small mention of it in passing. Finesse it in to the chat somehow. I’m sure no one would mind. No one would take it amiss. We’d appreciate being alerted. You’d get a flurry of eager donations to smooth things over with the ISP. Don’t hesitate to make it known!

  7. I’m in.

    Stupid Question Dept: is there any way to obtain the *audio only* from ‘Live at Pompeii’? That’s a major Floyd product I’ve not yet sampled, and I’m mighty curious ’bout it. Yea, I know I could purchase it outright but what if one just wants the concert and not the movie?

      • H’mmm. I chipped in 2 Jacksons and 1 Benjamin last month. I’m no four-flusher; I’m no freeloader. Didn’t see it acknowledged anywhere in the site, (odd) but Paypal confirmed on my side that ‘it went through’ so ..? I figured it wuz cuz I stupidly marked ‘anonymous payment’ or whatever I did at the time. Who knows. Anyway nevermind all that. Who cares. I’ll treat Floydpodcast to a C-note right now just to keep the goodwill flowin’. Whaddya say?

      • p.s. aye! although I’m mighty wifty at times I wouldn’t be daft enough to proclaim, “I’m in” on the site-donations-page unless I had whole-heartedly entered with a gift-for-the-house. That would be criminal hubris or negligence or I-don’t-know-what. But this is makin’ me curious to double-check what Paypal told me. Downloaded a bunch of BD episodes lately, did Paypal not pony-up some appreciation for me back to the site, as I instructed it to do?

  8. Thanks for all you do Doc. Love the show. Should have been donating before now, but will be going forward.
    Best podcast ever.

  9. I’ve really enjoyed the last two podcasts specifically, I love the early era right before DSoTM became the biggest selling album of all time. I don’t do a lot of bootleg searching, so it’s great to have you bring the good stuff out for the podcast!

  10. Long time bike riding friend & donator, Mike S. turned me on to your amazing podcasts and I am hooked up for 2-3 hour rides joyfully listening to your presentations.
    Trust you received my donation as a small measure of my appreciation for your work.
    Perhaps one day we’ll meet you on the dark side of the moon 🙂

  11. …what happened to your prior contribution mechanism? previous account seems to have disappeared without a trace, i know not when…

  12. Hi Doc,
    MikeS here, still biking and still loving all your podcasts. Somehow, after your Doctoring, you always keep the music fresh. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday. Thanks for all you do!!!

  13. Doc !
    Year after Year, thank you !
    Matt, Im so glad I had input to sway you to keep your original intro way back when you were gonna make it shorter…. lol 😉
    Here is your Christmas Present….
    Shine On

  14. Doc, you’re a treat! Please keep up the great work. You remind me of people who keep stones as pets – you keep finding new ways to appreciate something you love. Respect.
    PS I saw Floyd only twice, in 70 London, Roundhouse and 72? Copenhagen, but they still resonate!

  15. Thanks so much for the great Floyd podcast! I have tickets to see Nick in Chicago. I am so looking forward to it after hearing the Copenhagen show!

  16. Still the greatest music podcast on the interwebs. Thanks so much for your work of all these years, Doc, sharing your love, knowledge, and skill with us all.

  17. Hi Doc, just wanted to let you know that I am still listening to your every show. I don’t know how you do it but each of your “doctored” shows seems new, different and creative. I am still biking and your shows are what keep me going at age 72.
    Thanks for giving us all the products of your efforts. Great job!!!
    Mike S

  18. Hi Doc,
    Every month I always listen to your latest podcast while brewing beer in the UK.
    Wouldn’t be the same without you! Outstanding work, thank you.

  19. Hi Doc,
    Thanks for continuing to put together (and “doctor”) amazing podcasts, which are especially welcome company while working late at night while the rest of the world sleeps. I sent a supporting payment by Clover donation just now. It’s the least I could do, after all of the money I dropped on ROIO CD’s back in the 90’s that were of such inferior quality. Keep up the great work!

    As an aside, are there any live Floyd fan meet-ups in the Boston area?

    • Hey Brian! Thank you so much for your generous donation. As for the meet ups…only when Roger has been in town but there’s no reqular meet up u fortunately. Wish there was.

  20. Thanks, Doc. You’ve shared a ton of gems over the years and I know it isn’t easy putting together a podcast that sounds this good. Thank you, sir.


  21. Hi DOC!
    Thanks for paypal way….
    Respect for Your job !!!
    Whish You and for us (and them…..) more podcasts for next year
    02. of may is not so far – Pig will be fly again in Budapest

  22. Good morning Doctor.
    I have been enjoying your podcasts for some time now and riding the gravy train. Just made a donation to help out and show mt appreciation. Keep up the good work.

  23. Thanks, AGAIN, “Doc” for another WELL DONE Edition of “THE best podcast on Earth”.
    Now, if I can just get everyone around Me at work to just HUSH, I can get through the after Lunch until Going Home stretch

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