The Madcap Genius

Show #62, Release date: 14. July, 2006

There’s no talking in the podcast except for the beginning.  The reason being?  Well, they’re no words that can adequately express or describe the sadness I feel.  I just can’t find the words to say about the passing of “Syd”.  He gave the world Pink Floyd and he’s perhaps one of the most influential individuals in pop culture.  Roger “Syd” Barrett is truly an icon and he lives forever through the music he gave and inspired.

Thank you Roger!

5 thoughts on “The Madcap Genius

      • Thanks Doc, but actually that playlist is for the tribute concert ‘The Madcap’s Last Laugh’. That podcast is another that I was looking at yesterday, but noticed it didn’t have a playlist, so I’m glad for the mistake!
        Thanks once again for all your efforts with these great podcasts.
        Have you ever done one on Syd’s solo career?

  1. A few words of thanks for the BD site, which still intrigues me – so much stuff I’ve never heard, after being a fan for 40+ years. Many memories – the shiniest being coming out of The ROUNDHOUSE IN SUMMER 1969 (?) (the Atom Heart Mother show with full Brian Aldiss Choir, tho I don’t remember if there was any motorbike on stage)TO A VERY QUIET AND DARK NORTH LONDON STREETS – NO BUSES, NO TRAINS, NO MONEY TO GET HOME 15 MILES AWAY. BUT (and sorry for all the capitals) after 10 mins walking along a suitable road with my thumb out I and at least 2 other PF punters were sitting in a car heading to within yards of my destination. We used to talk alot about synchronicity and it’s relation to the unknown (if not the dark side) – and the value of art shouldn’t be compromised by circumstance, but we do live in the material world…
    Even tho he wasn’t there at that time, Syd was part of my experimental and experiential world. I feel that I wouldn’t be here now (in Helsinki!) but for him. Thanks for keeping his heritage going.

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