16 thoughts on “English Summer

  1. Used this as soundtrack for my 10k run yesterday in -7C snowy winter conditions here in Sweden. Surprisingly well fitting!

  2. Doc. any way you could see yourself doing a Hollywood bowl podcast 22-9-1972.
    One of my favorite shows,and it is almost 22-9-2014.
    Or is it to short notice and maybe one for later.
    From a not independent scotland person;-(

  3. Thank you very much. I’m downloading this issue to my mobile phone as I type this message at Los Angeles airport. It will make my flight to Holland so much better.

  4. SWEET. I love your choice of songs and also this type of podcast. I loved sundown and I cant wait to be in my yard with a beer, cigarette and enjoy this on my lounge chair. Thankyou natt for all that you do.
    2 ps’ s. I listened to the wall link that you gave me, great podcast.
    also expect a good donation from me in october.
    Thanks again.

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