English Summer

BD213This edition of Brain Damage is the perfect soundtrack to your lazy summer day.  It’s very similar to an older, popular themed podcast, SundownGrab an iced tea, or lemonade, kick your feet up and relax.  You deserve it!  Here’s the playlist.  Enjoy!italian watch companyаренда дома hammockафрика сафарицена линолеумаsignals for binary optionsпоисковая гуглтеле2 кредит довериякредит для студентатверь хоум кредиткупить бмв в кредитобъявления кредитsouth beach apartment for rentраскрутка сайтовbinary options traderпродвижение сайтовcrossfiremods.ruспецэффектыаналитика сайта

16 thoughts on “English Summer

  1. Used this as soundtrack for my 10k run yesterday in -7C snowy winter conditions here in Sweden. Surprisingly well fitting!

  2. Doc. any way you could see yourself doing a Hollywood bowl podcast 22-9-1972.
    One of my favorite shows,and it is almost 22-9-2014.
    Or is it to short notice and maybe one for later.
    From a not independent scotland person;-(

  3. Thank you very much. I’m downloading this issue to my mobile phone as I type this message at Los Angeles airport. It will make my flight to Holland so much better.

  4. SWEET. I love your choice of songs and also this type of podcast. I loved sundown and I cant wait to be in my yard with a beer, cigarette and enjoy this on my lounge chair. Thankyou natt for all that you do.
    2 ps’ s. I listened to the wall link that you gave me, great podcast.
    also expect a good donation from me in october.
    Thanks again.

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