David’s “Meltdown”

David Gilmour was the featured artist for the 2001 Robert Wyatt Meltdown Festival and took the opportunity to strip things down and play semi-acoustic versions of classic Floyd songs.

This is the soundtrack from the DVD “David Gilmour in concert”, from the Royal Festival Hall in London, 22 June 2001.   Short and sweet… hope you enjoy!  Here’s the playlist.

Soundtracks (part 2) Take One

Show #82 Release date: 14. April, 2007

This one picks up right where we left off on the last.  Part two of Pink Floyd soundtrack material but this time we’ll get into some of Roger’s and David’s solo compositions and obscure clips used for documentaries as well.  Demo material rehashed perhaps?  Highlights for this podcast are Roger’s When The Wind Blows and my favorite, selections from Pink Floyd’s not so well known racing video, La Carrera Pan Americana.  Here’s the playlist.

Soundtracks (part 1) Take Two

Show #81 Release date: 30. March, 2007

Pink Floyd were no strangers to film soundtracks especially in their early years during the height of artistic, mind expanding expression.  Directors knew without a doubt that Floyd’s music evoked just the right mood that helped move a story along as well as set the pace of any given scene.  For this first installment we’ll listen to Floyd’s early film material.  Here’s the playlist.

The Film

Show #71, Release date: 27. October, 2006

Originally Show #10, Air date: 29. May, 2004 – The 1982 film soundtrack features a few  tracks not on the original album, as well as remixed and even completely re-recorded tracks from The Wall’s original release. This is complete with dialogue, sound effects and nothing speed up like you hear on most RoIO’s of the same material.

I mixed in the rough cut of Hey You from the DVD as it would have been done originally, had it been included in the film.  I also added in, an alternate extended version of Bring The Boys Back Home not heard on the album or the film.