Animals 2.0

It’s that time again! Feels like I posted the last podcast yesterday. Anyway, the animals have returned. It’s a refurbished menagerie all sectioned off in few groups with many dogs and a cat, sheep, fox, mole, rats, mice, rabbits, pigs, a bear, an elephant, and a humpback whale. Here’s the list of species featured in this episode. Enjoy but please don’t feed the animals, thank you!


Overall, Pink Floyd appeared in 51 festivals. This months edition scratches the surface of Pink Floyd’s festival appearances between 1968 and 1971. The bands festival circuit dwindled down to just 5 between 1972 and 1990 as their popularity and complex stage productions demanded larger venues and exclusive engagements. The podcast is enhanced with chapters to each festival featured. Enjoy and here’s the playlist.

BBC Radio Sessions

If you’re on the run and want to listen to any of Pink Floyd’s BBC radio sessions, this podcast should serve you well. For the first time ever, this enhanced podcast is broken into segments making it easier for you to navigate and find the session you’re interested in. This ability is available on most podcast players and apps! Here’s the playlist Enjoy and please don’t forget to leave a comment!

Down To The Letter

Here’s a fun one for you. There’s a hidden phrase in these prime cuts of floydness. See if you can find it. It’s fairly easy, right down to the letter, but here’s the playlist in case you get stuck. Enjoy!



This episode dives head first into some of Pink Floyd’s best instrumental work! Perfect with or without headphones. This should help keep you entertained at work or on the road. I hope you enjoy and here’s the playlist. Please don’t forget to leave a comment!

The Return


Brain Damage, the definitive Pink Floyd radio show is back! After a three month long hiatus from being ordered to cease and desist, the podcast returns. After the many years you’ve listened to Pink Floyd, Pink Floyd is now listening to you. Your strong support to bring this podcast back to life, made it all possible. I sincerely hope you enjoy the new phase of the podcast. If you do, please consider a donation! (licensing expires in two months) THANK YOU!  Here’s the playlist. …and welcome back!


Brain Damaged listener Diego of Argentina asked if I’d make a podcast focusing on Pink Floyd’s singles. Well, funny he should ask. Before Brain Damage – The definitive Pink Floyd radio show was a podcast, it was on terrestrial radio in the Boston area out of Tufts University’s WMFO. I managed to get 38 shows over the air but never recorded them for posterity. So, over the years, I’ve recreated some of those missing episodes. Singles was one of those shows. Enjoy!  Here’s the playlist!

Alternate Versions

I spent most of all my Christmas Eve (fifteen hours, start to end) wrapping this one up for you. This podcast includes as much OFFICIAL alternate versions of songs as I could squeeze in an almost a 2.5 hour podcast! It’s a fun listen! Check out the playlist after, so you don’t spoil the ride. Enjoy and thank you!

The Later Years

If you’re as excited as I am about the new Pink Floyd box set than this podcast should hold you over until it drops on the 29th of November.  This podcast features a sample of what’s to come. Here’s the playlist  Enjoy! And if you do, please be sure to leave a comment below.


Good morning!  I can’t believe it took me this long to come up with this idea.  It’s much like the popular “Sundown” podcast from a while back, except this one’s for morning people.  Enjoy it as you get ready for work or on your commute in.  Let me know what you think!  Here’s the playlist.


This podcast is a “review” of The Early Years box set.  The set is awesome but…  In this podcast, I go over what could of been better, a lucky mistake and perhaps some blatant omissions.  I offer some better sounding examples of tracks and well, fixate on the whole thing.  Here’s the playlist


bd237Continuing on from the last podcast, this episode is part 2 of 2.  A small sampling of material featured in the upcoming Early Years box set from 1970 to 1972 (well, actually 1974).  Here’s the playlist .  Enjoy!  Please leave your thoughts and comments.