This episode dives head first into some of Pink Floyd’s best instrumental work! Perfect with or without headphones. This should help keep you entertained at work or on the road. I hope you enjoy and here’s the playlist. Please don’t forget to leave a comment!

11 thoughts on “Instru/mental

  1. Thank you so much Doc for post this great instru/mental collection, it’s a nice compenion on the subway tour to the job. So thank you & shine on!
    Nice weekend, Kike.

  2. Hi Doc,
    great to hear again – the best selection after the pause from You and from PF !
    Of couse with headphone and with a glass of red vine ……
    or in the car – enjoy the ride !
    The format of podcast avaible in lossless (Flac, Wav) format ? – wish I listening in my car in uncompressed version – if possible or can be ordered.


  3. I’m on track three. I felt like I was going on a hippie epic journey. Track 2 was sexy and romantic….just loving it ….

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