The Return


Brain Damage, the definitive Pink Floyd radio show is back! After a three month long hiatus from being ordered to cease and desist, the podcast returns. After the many years you’ve listened to Pink Floyd, Pink Floyd is now listening to you. Your strong support to bring this podcast back to life, made it all possible. I sincerely hope you enjoy the new phase of the podcast. If you do, please consider a donation! (licensing expires in two months) THANK YOU!  Here’s the playlist. …and welcome back!

33 thoughts on “The Return

  1. I’m so happy for the return, Doc. You are the very best of the spirit of Pink Floyd, and I am grateful for your expertise, your generosity of spirit, and the personal connection you have to the music and the “PF world.” I can’t imagine a replacement. I’m in!

  2. Hi Doc,

    You were sorely missed and the mixes you had are also missed. I’m glad I downloaded many of your shows. Do you think you will ever be able to get their consent to repost your prior shows or will we have to wait until there are no living members for that to happen?

    Thanks for hanging in there & I hope you didn’t have to spend a lot of $ in defense of your stellar work!


  3. Today is 11/6/23 and the new October 25th episode showed up in my feed and downloaded all on its own. Enjoying it now!

  4. Great News and great to have you back, Doc. You were missed!
    I’m off to see ‘Breathe – The Pink Floyd Experience’ live in two weeks so this is a fantastic build-up for me. Yey!

  5. Yeah, good to have you back ‘chatting’ again doc: BUT: so obvious, quite bowdlerised with all the live shows / episodes you curated, especially ‘doctored’ up / tweaked (improved, tremendously) all so conspicuously absent / gone, plus along with the clever comps you made (DG’s charity guitar sell off ‘sounds’ illustrations as one.) One may wonder why, when ‘PF’ (=whomever is in charge there!) will likely NEVER EVER make available e.g. those that we know were ‘Nakamichi’ taped* every night (for the band to assess themselves) USA ’77 *In The Flesh’ tour / gigs. (*N.Mason himself, Mojo interview, ’08 and latest, roadie C. Cockram, Fingal’s Cave podcast, 08, this year)

  6. What’s Up Doc ? . So Glad to have You and The Show Back , It’s Great to Hear that Familiar sound of you lighting up at the start of the podcast , All the Best !

  7. Superb as always, still First In Space. Live the curation here – beautiful transitions (soundscape > Louder Than Words) and the “new” New Machine. Welcome back!

  8. Hell yes. I remember the day this site was shuttered. Sad day. Today is the complete opposite. Glad you got it worked and glad the Pink Floyd Management Team listened and were reasonable. YES.

  9. Welcome back! Doc, you always rock. So thank you for sharing your excellent podcast again. Go ahead!! Best wishes from Santiago de Chile.

  10. Wonderful to have you back, but are the previous eps gone for good? If I never hear English Summer again, why, I may just never recover.

  11. ¡Por fin! Muchas gracias por el esfuerzo que han hecho para volver.
    Agradecimientos floydianos desde España.
    Saludos David

  12. Love to have you back! It hasn’t shown up in my pod app yet, do one need to re-subscribe or just a little more patience?

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