Brain Damaged listener Diego of Argentina asked if I’d make a podcast focusing on Pink Floyd’s singles. Well, funny he should ask. Before Brain Damage – The definitive Pink Floyd radio show was a podcast, it was on terrestrial radio in the Boston area out of Tufts University’s WMFO. I managed to get 38 shows over the air but never recorded them for posterity. So, over the years, I’ve recreated some of those missing episodes. Singles was one of those shows. Enjoy!  Here’s the playlist!

11 thoughts on “Singles

  1. Very nice work, nice ideia, very enjoyable, it remembers me what i did with some footage, audio visual kinda “Movie” by myself and i saw that you probable will miss “Whots a deal” for the following work, the version from Early years box set…anyway big hug! keep going DOC!

  2. Hello Doc.
    What a surprise this podcast of Singles! The way you explained the different releases and their particularities was superb, I hope people pay proper attention to those details, the music gets more enjoyable that way. That’s something I value very much from your shows, it’s not just the music, it goes hand in hand with the explanation of why a specific track has been selected by you to be presented. I confess I never knew the difference between a Promo Single and a regular one..
    Many thanks for reading my whole message as an introduction. Overwhelmed with joy!!! Eternal gratitude for this.
    I don´t think you ever mentioned how much time it takes you to put together a show, this of course was one of your longest.
    I wish you could feature the tracks not included on the show, but listed on the comments (another fine detail of yours), along with the singles of the band members.
    And I also wish you could dedicate a show to the many collaborations Dave had along his career, tracks in which he plays/sings produce.
    Finally, please, if you can of course, do feature in the near future the proper Released version of Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major…


  3. It is interresting to hear some of these “out of context”, they almost feel like different songs! Well done doc, monthly donation done yesterday! Thank you!

  4. Just started listening to it. Omg you really put together a wonderful collection of Floyd songs. I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work that you put into this.
    Ps are those songs that didn’t make the cut, be included in another show., with also the song”the hero’s return” ? Omg Doc that would be so awesome!
    Thank you again for this wonderful show. I am really enjoying it so much!!!!

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