Alternate Versions

I spent most of all my Christmas Eve (fifteen hours, start to end) wrapping this one up for you. This podcast includes as much OFFICIAL alternate versions of songs as I could squeeze in an almost a 2.5 hour podcast! It’s a fun listen! Check out the playlist after, so you don’t spoil the ride. Enjoy and thank you!

22 thoughts on “Alternate Versions

  1. So Glad I stumbled across this, for 3 years I’ve been working from home , so been listening to Spotify – Bowie , Marillion , Radiohead , doors , floyd etc , back in February, thought I’d listen to all 15 Studio albums , back to back , in Chronological order , and that’s all I do now ( alongside working of Course ) 5 albums a day , constantly , Monday to Friday , unhealthily obsessed , helps me concentrate – now I ‘ve discovered this , excellent . one Day I’ll remember other artists exist

  2. Hello Doc.
    I wish you could dedicate a Podcast to the “SINGLE VERSIONS”.
    US & UK SINGLES plus some rare international, all in chronological order, first the band and then the members, all properly doctored and with your comments on the differences between the album track and the single version.

    Thanks for your hard work on the shows and the incredible material.


    • I did exactly that when this podcast was a radio show a very long time ago and it’s been something I’ve often thought about doing again for the podcast.

  3. Hey Doc!! What an amazing podcast!! Thank you very much. I hope we all can leave all the dull moments we’ve been through the last year. Stay strong, Fearless!!
    a hug from your chilean friend!!

  4. Thanks Doc! and Thank You Michel! This podcast is just what is needed at this time! Thank You and Be Safe Be Happy and Shine On!!!

  5. Hey Doctor, superb collection here! “Matilda” was the biggest surprise, that alternate had eluded me all these years!

    Happy you hear made it through “hell week” in one piece.

  6. Hi Doc
    Thanks for this superb post.
    Where did you get the extended version of Deja Vu ?
    I have been told there is one with 10 verses ?Any idea ?

    Thanks a lot , all the best for 2011

  7. Great job Doc! Always a good day to have a new podcast from you, especially this Christmas. Keep on keeping on and stay safe out there!

  8. Wow, Raving and Drooling! I love to hear every single instrument like for example in the Wish you were here-dts-version or echoes-quadro. I find this early version of Raving and Drooling much better better than the original version. Thank you, Doc, for the effort. For everyone in 2021: …stay healthy (and clean)!

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