Mule-O-Ween 08

Show #122 – Release date: 14. November, 2008

Halloween has always been a flagship holiday in the jam band community, second only to New Year’s Eve. And with a band like Gov’t Mule, expecting something special is more than fair. Phish are attributed with getting the Halloween spirit going in the jam world with a performance of The Beatles’ The White Album in its entirety on 10.31.94. Years later, we’ve seen costumes and covers of all colors and genres. But, on Halloween 2008, Mule outdid themselves with a second set packed full of Pink Floyd tunes from throughout the psychedelic pioneers’ career.*

Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA, 31. October, 2008.

*excerpts taken from a review written by Andrew Bruss

5 thoughts on “Mule-O-Ween 08

  1. Been listening to this show again, in the wake of Govt Mule’s recent official CD/DVD release of this concert. Interesting to hear their take on these songs.

    I also keep coming back to hear “Albatross” in the opener. What a gem, really enjoy Gilmour’s version.

    Thank you, Doc!

  2. Combined my love of jamband music and The Floyd. I liked your other cover podcasts shows #64 Phish and #117 Covers 2.0. I have some other great covers, including Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade (great cover of entire “Animals” album) in case anyone has not heard it, a must listen! Also, Bruce Hornsby “Comfortably Numb”, Limp Bizkit “Wish You Were Here”, String Cheese Incident “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and Umphries McGee “Young Lust”, “Shine On”, “Another Brick in the Wall” all great covers.

  3. Hey Doc,. Happy New Year. Thanks for this, it was great. I thought there was too much audience noise (guess you couln’t ‘doctor’ that out) so I used the link you provided to to buy the Gov’t Mule official release. Worth the $12 or $13 dollars.

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