This podcast is a “review” of The Early Years box set.  The set is awesome but…  In this podcast, I go over what could of been better, a lucky mistake and perhaps some blatant omissions.  I offer some better sounding examples of tracks and well, fixate on the whole thing.  Here’s the playlist

18 thoughts on “FIX/ATION

  1. Hey there Doc….
    I’ve been really digging this episode, especially the last 3 tracks. I’ve noticed that those songs are sung in a different pitch/scale than other DSOTM recordings Meaning, they trail off instead of going higher. Is that something you created or were they simply preformed that way? And if so, where could that concert/ show be found?
    As always, thanks for sharing your gift with us all. Cheers!!✌

  2. Question: are a few of the most dramatic chords in ‘Vegetable Man’ exactly the same as the dramatic chords in the 1960s ‘Spider-Man’ cartoon theme? If so, was this ‘deliberate-serious’ or ‘deliberate-parody’? Or, am I just hearing things that aren’t there at all?

  3. Paintbox and Julia Dream are in stereo on Relics as is Careful With That Axe. Biding My Time missing from the box was my only gripe as was Mademoiselle from Pompeii. BTW Obscured by Clouds was remixed for the box set.

    • That’s right. Some of the material from Relics you point out was the source I used for this podcast. Those versions however were not included in the box set. I also discuss the OBC remaster for the box set.

  4. Good to hear that I wasn’t the only one doing some grousing about the sound / selection on the Early Years. But on the balance, of course, it’s pretty much everything we could have hoped for.

    A note regarding “Paintbox”: A stereo mix actually *is* on the Early Years set… Not on the CDs, however, but on the video portion… You’ll find it synced to the Belgian TV clip. (I have not done the forensics to determine if it is the “Masters Of Rock” mix, or a newly created one.)

    • Hi Max! Thanks for the comment and Yes, aware about Paintbox video (it’s taken from Masters of Rock) BUT should of been included as a stand alone audio track.

      • I’m not sure if the ‘Apples and Oranges’ stereo mix was snuck in the same way… What a fine excuse to take out the disc and have a another look.

  5. …appreciate the comparison!..

    …just last week, i ordered the big set sight-unseen and sound-unheard as a post-holiday indulgence for myself, justified as a quasi-immersion edition of meddle regardless of how the balance of early material came out, so this is especially timely to hear…

  6. Ah. Instead of reading +200 pages on Yeeshkul, this does the trick. 😉 Would have been fun with a couple of compared tracks within the podcast but having the box it’s easy to pick it up and listen.

    Also, gems like the IO “from” Ummagumma makes this show worthy of every penny donated! Keep it up, Doc!

  7. Thanks Doc for another excellent podcast. And a special thanks for putting in my favorite Traveling Sequence, love the sounds of the train coming in the station at the end.

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