The Wall Demos

Show #51, Release date: 17. February, 2006

Six months after Floyd’s Montreal concert in January of 1978, Roger had formulated the idea for The Wall and in July presented his demos called Bricks In The Wall to the rest of the band.

The demos featured in this podcast were recorded between October 1978 and March 1979.

15 thoughts on “The Wall Demos

  1. EXCELLENT! I\’ve been looking a long time for these demo tapes, and now I\’m able to download them for FREE of charge thanks to this wonderful website!

  2. Hey Doc. I would have to say this is one of my favoite pocasts. I was wondering if you have any other demos besides this and the final cut. I would love to hear them. Keep up the great work!

  3. And i thought The Wall was dark. These demos sound like the darkest thing Roger Waters has ever committed to record. The final albums miserable atmosphere is nothing compared to this. Thank you very much for this, its a real treat.

  4. Wow. Ya know, there’s a lot of good stuff here. It’d be great if they could redo the Wall without the limitations of vinyl in mind.

  5. Awesome site! I’ve been a big Floyd fan for years and have gathered quite a collection on my hard drive. Great work! Keep ’em coming!

  6. It would probably be more accurate to refer to this as a mockup. A lot of it does sound like it could come from the original Waters home demo, but there is obviously work started towards the final studio version in there too.

  7. Outstanding Show! As a lifelong fan, I sadly had never been able to come across these recordings, though I knew of them. Lack of persistence at it. It was a FASCINATING listen! Thanks again for the show! Dave in Mississippi

  8. Hi Eltjo, It’s no joke. The working title of “Comfortably Numb” was really called “The Doctor”. I was using the nickname long before I ever learned it was the working title. It’s just another one of those Pink Floyd synchronicities suppose. Doc

  9. Hi Doc, Great stuff again. Thanks a lot. Is this “The Doctor” instead of “Comfortably Numb” a joke from you or was this really the working title. In that case, nice nickname! Eltjo

  10. Hey Doc, I love your show. I’ve downloaded almost all your shows. I was turned on to Pink Floyd about twenty years ago when I was 15 or so. I’ve moved many times and unloaded many things, but I still have a milk crate full of my vinyl Floyd albums and bootlegs and imports.

  11. I’ve always loved these podcasts. I also have a suggestion for a theme: Songs that appeared completely randomly and were a shock when they were played that once/first time in years. Like, the “Astronomy Domine” on the first TDB show, the early 1970 rarities, the ’77 CWTAE, Terrapin and Dominoes by Dave, Set The Controls in ’87 (heck, all those bizzare sudden jams from KAOS; Billy’s Blues, I Can Tell, and Pros And Cons), the “new” Roger songs from ’91, the first DSOTM of ’94, the ’94 One Slip, the first Each Small Candle from ’99, the Set The Controls with Roger and Nick… I’d really love to hear that.

  12. Does anybody know when Roger will release all of the footage from The Wall Concerts ? I have seen bits and pieces but would like to see the entire original concert. Please advise. Thanks ! Hey Doc, keep on doing what your doing, thanks !

  13. Hey man, Love the podcasts. Just discovered you yesterday and I\’ve been listening at any chance I get. Really fantastic stuff. In terms of suggestions…I love the shows based around a certain theme. The \”Pink Floyd\’s Worst Moments\” was my favorite. As for a suggestion for a show, and one that I was kinda surprised wasn\’t in the worst moments collection… February 11th, 1970 at Birmingham Town Hall.The Floyd had a bunch of their equipment stolen the night before…so, troopers that they are they played the show, but they played this really wierd set because of lack of certain things. So I think they played a bunch of things of the More soundtrack, and some of the solo pieces off of the Ummagumma studio side (Sysphus in what had to be its only live airing). I\’ve never heard the show and from what I understand there is a decent audience tape of it in circulation. So if you could get a hold of it, or if you have it, I think\’d it be really interesting for the Floydophiles. I know personally, and maybe I\’m not alone, I love the really unusual Floyd shows, like this one. Anyway man. Sorry to ramble on here. Keep up the great work. -Rob

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