Knebworth 1990

Show #94 – Release date: 14. September, 2007

Pink Floyd headlined the Knebworth Festival by offering their services in aid of the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre as well as the BRIT school of performing arts and technology who provide music therapy for handicapped children.

120,000 fans gathered for this historic event featuring a combination of legendary British rock artists.  Floyd’s long awaited set featured special guests Clair Torry and Candy Dalfer and Rain… but first, a treat from David Gilmour’s recent cinematic DVD premier and Q&A session last week.

3 thoughts on “Knebworth 1990

  1. I watched/ listened to this concert from a bed in the ICU of the local hospital in July of 1990, after my small intestine ruptured. My best friend and I waited and watched on MTV for the Floyd to make their appearance. I was hooked up to all sorts of machines, and fairly buzzed on pain meds. Got to see them properly 4 years later when they came thru North Carolina. No machines this time, just good weed and great friends!!

  2. On the night before this gig at 6 oclock I was lay on my bed contemplating my weekend. There was a knock at he door my friend John walked in “Do you want to come to Knebworth?” about 10 hours later John, his sister Sue and I arrived at Knebworth. No tickets. But we were at Knebworth. We lay on the grass had a spliff or two and grabbed some sleep. When I woke up the readio 1 roadshow had sprung up about 100 yards away so I wandered over. Simon Mayo, DJ, was doing a quiz and giving away tickets, there was only about 100-200 people and no one knew the anser to the question “Shine on you crazy diamond is a tribute to who?” I yelled “Syd Barett” and won a ticket, The next question was about Genesis the answer Mama, I won another ticket. I went back to find John and Sue, we bought a third ticket from a tout for £15. Sues son, David, Johns nephew, played little pinky in The Wall.

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