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dsotm2011This is not a new podcast but its a podcast I’ve had hidden since 2011 just for fun.  On occasion I would post it to Floydpodcast’s Facebook Fan Page and that was probably only two or three times over the years.  So if you have it already, cool and if not…here you go!   I decided it was time to include this on the website for easy access and for all to see.

This is not one of those unauthorized, crappy bootlegs. This is not BBC’s recording either! This is an OFFICIAL, front of house SOUNDBOARD recording of the entire concert taken from the DSoTM & WYWH Immersion sets. Echoes, however is from the BBC because at the time I compiled this in 2011, the Early Years box set hadn’t been released yet.

Recorded at Wembley Arena, in London, between the 15th and 17th of November 1974. First however, we start off with a special Pink Floyd cover by Captain Kirk. Here’s the playlist

16 thoughts on “Exposed In The Light

  1. I love the recording of the bells at 1.51.46. I’d never heard them before. They fit so well at the end of the live performance. Twenty years later and different sounding bells, and different ideas around bells, informed another Pink Floyd album….

    • Thank you FloydPodcast. com for sharing this amazing concert in its entirety. And Learning To Fly with Shatner’s interpretation is awesome, very beautiful, like a poem. I speak about this sincerely.

  2. Unrelated question. Re: ‘Money’. When exactly did saxophone begin it’s inclusion as a regular part of live, ‘Money’ performances? I admit I have a tin ear, but it seems to me that in many of the early DSOTM gigs, there was no sax (before the fight)! at all; and that the awesomeness of the composition carries on completely without it. Am I wrong? In any case –when it finally did arrive on stage as a regular thing–who was the saxist? Thank you!

  3. A stellar version of Any Colour You Like (1:38:20-1:46:30)!

    Please don’t include Shatner again. Ever. I threw-up in my mouth a little bit.

    Thanks for all you do for us, Doc! It is greatly appreciated!

  4. Hello, dear Doctor! Thank you again for your excellent work! I have an idea that may be interest you … For your next show you can take the theme: “Only Richard and David words”. That is, it is necessary to connect to a single show songs from the group and solo, in which the words written Wright and Gilmour without co-authors.

    • This is the podcast for this month. Since it was never really posted before I figured I’d make it available for the masses. Meanwhile a new podcast is in the works.

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