Earl’s Court Banner

This is one of the many hand painted banners that hung from the rafters of Earls Court during Pink Floyd’s Division Bell shows back in 1994. The purpose of the banners was to improve the sound and dampen the echoing effect of the acoustics of Earls Court.

They measure 20’x18′ and you can see this banner and others in P.U.L.S.E. and Storm Thorgerson’s hardcover book, Mind Over Matter – Images of Pink Floyd on page 194.

4 thoughts on “Earl’s Court Banner

  1. is there many of them left? i would love to own one,when i was at one their concerts at earls court,i was wondering how the hell i could get one of the down haha…they looked so cool hanging from the rafters,i loved those concerts,time flew by,felt like they were on stage for 5 minutes,that’s how much i have loved their concerts….the best concerts of my life!!!

    • Hey Mark! I’ve never seen another one since getting this one. It was torn up at the bottom but I’ve repaired it as best I could. I’m always open to offers.

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