The Man And The Journey

Here’s the latest and this time, a revisit… a spotlight on Pink Floyd’s first conceptual piece, The Man And The Journey. It was a pivotal time for Pink Floyd and you can clearly hear the direction they’re starting to go down, so I figured I’d dust this recording off a little.

Someone released this one into the wild back in the late 90’s, but it wasn’t officially released until 2016. From the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, 17. September 1969. Here’s the playlist. Enjoy!

Celestial Instruments

Show #97 – Release date: 26. October, 2007

This podcast features an excellent recording taken from the soundboard on the 9th August, 1969 at The Paradiso in Amsterdam.  The gig was recorded by Dutch radio station Hilversum 3 for a future broadcast unfortunately a microphone failure on the bands vocals forced them to perform an instrumental set.  As a result the gig never aired.  The recording surfaced recently with a short set of four numbers with absolutely no vocals, but the sound quality is amazing.

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