BBC Sessions

Show #76 Release date: 19. January, 2007

I love the BBC.  For this podcast we go back to London 1970 and 1971

The first half of this podcast consists of a master live recording session done for BBC Radio One later broadcast on John Peel’s Sunday Concert three days later.  Here’s the playlist

3 thoughts on “BBC Sessions

  1. Pretty much the whole western hemisphere sounds like Jimmy Young (Sir Jimmy Young) these days, doesn’t it? Everyone yapping their heads off and running their mouths?

    Was the supermarket recently and an employee stacking shelves was chatting to her co-worker about the TV biopic she viewed the night before. Her co-worker suddenly had to dash to the neighboring aisle. So the stacker turns to me (a complete stranger) and continues to confider her opinion to me even though I was simply passing by and had no interest whatsoever. Geez

    Consciousness-building inputs –like the music of the Floyd –are an increasingly vital tool as sanity ebbs from modern life!

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