Your donation helps keep up and running and helps cover the cost of annual fees such as music licensing, site security and maintenance as well as hosting costs.

There are now TWO convenient ways for you to donate!

Clover DonationsPayPal (my personal account)Thanks!  Matt “Doc” Leonard

21 thoughts on “DONATE

  1. Hi DOC!
    Thanks for paypal way….
    Respect for Your job !!!
    Whish You and for us (and them…..) more podcasts for next year
    02. of may is not so far – Pig will be fly again in Budapest

  2. Good morning Doctor.
    I have been enjoying your podcasts for some time now and riding the gravy train. Just made a donation to help out and show mt appreciation. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks, AGAIN, “Doc” for another WELL DONE Edition of “THE best podcast on Earth”.
    Now, if I can just get everyone around Me at work to just HUSH, I can get through the after Lunch until Going Home stretch

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