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As cliché as it is, you can’t have a Pink Floyd podcast without celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest rock albums of all time, The Dark Side of The Moon! This episode examines the development of the album from concept to finish. I hope you find they way it’s presented, interesting and enjoyable. Please don’t forget to comment, and share… and if you really like it, perhaps consider a small donation to help support the podcast. Thank you! Here’s the playlist

Japan 1972

For this edition, we head off to the land of the rising sun where The Floyd took part on a short, six day tour of Japan in 1972. The last date being at the Nakajima Sports Center in Sapparo on the island of Hokkaido, 13 March 1972 , almost one year before the studio release of The Dark Side of The Moon. This date also featured a performance of Atom Heart Mother. Here’s the playlist! Enjoy!

Getting Old

Welcome to Brain Damage’s 18th year! The show is all grown up. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d still be doing this podcast after all this time but here I am, and its all thanks to those who’ve supported the show.

For this edition, we forge on to another year as we all get older. This is a twist on a topic of many Pink Floyd songs, a collection of songs that all mention the inevitable of getting older, gotten older and being old. Enjoy!  Here’s the playlist.


Roger Waters’ new version of Comfortably Numb has some fans feeling a little out of their comfort zone. This podcast explores other instances where Roger took some creative license. It’s a Roger podcast as he was the biggest offender of reworking his own songs since he went solo. I hope you find it interesting. An open mind is required. Here’s the playlist.  Enjoy!

Dortmund 1977

For this edition, we go back to the 23rd of January, 1977 at the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund, Germany where Pink Floyd decided to kick off their Animals Tour. A lot of tweaking went into this. Hopefully you’ll enjoy. At the start of the podcast, I give you plenty of time to roll one up and settle in. Please don’t forget to donate if you like, and thank you! Here’s the playlist.

Yet Another Mix 3.0

Here’s a fun, cool, old school mix! There is one thing in common with all the songs! Try to guess what it is. If you figure it out, leave a comment saying “I know it!” Don’t give it away! Here’s the playlist!

Nick’s Saucers Live at RAH

Nick Mason’s band is gearing up for their return to North America next month and there’s talk that Roger will bring his tour to the EU early next year! But for a brief time, both Nick’s and Roger’s band will be leapfrogging across the United States. For this podcast we start things off with Nick’s Saucers early on performing at The Half Moon back in 2018 before we dive into Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets live at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this year, 23rd April, 2022. Doctored for supersound! If you enjoy, please consider a small donation, Thank you! Here’s the playlist.

This Is Not A Drill, Pittsburgh!

Spoiler alert!!!   If you haven’t seen Roger’s new tour yet and don’t want to spoil anything for yourself, you can still listen to the first 24 minutes of this podcast before you should stop, otherwise, carry on! We start out with the new 2018 remix of Dogs and then some news from our friend Philip from pinkfloydcollectors.com. Now, as for the concert recording, the reverb was so bad in the arena you may need to adjust your high or low ends. I hope it sounds okay on your side. If you enjoy, please consider a donation. THANK YOU! Here’s the playlist.

Southampton 69

For this edition of Brain Damage, its an excellent sounding, fully restored recording form the 9th of May 1969. This is the second show for the band on this date and they are on fire even for such a late show. We start things off with a nice sing-a-long from Nicks’ Saucer’s recent visit to Luxembourg. Here’s the playlist. Please enjoy and if you do, consider a small donation to help support the site. Thank you!

Amsterdamse Bos 71

Here’s a nice gem from nearly 51 years ago and its never sounded better! Amstel Free Concert at Amsterdamse Bos, a beautiful park in the heart of the city. It seems the promoters from Paradiso worked very hard to get Pink Floyd on the bill and were added at the last minute. Its an “out of the ordinary” set for Pink Floyd, 26th June 1971. Here’s the playlist.

Frankfurt 77

For this edition of Brain Damage, its an excellent audience recording from the beginning of the “In The Flesh Tour’, 27 January, 1977 in Frankfurt Germany at the Festhalle.

This bootleg is titled “From The Masters” and is noted as one of the best sounding shows from the European leg of the tour. The band’s performance is solid throughout the show and it’s now all doctored for supersound! Vastly improved sound for sure but you be the judge. First we start off with Pink Floyd’s latest, with Hey Hey Rise Up!  Please leave a comment and donate! Thank you and enjoy! Here’s the playlst.

War Torn

Not sure where to begin…
It’s been a bad month. Lost a friend. Lost a job. Could be worse and it’s nothing compared to what the people of Ukraine are dealing with or any other victim of a war torn place. My heart goes out to them. This podcast is for them. Here’s the playlist.

Here’s a few links if you want to help out.
Ukrainian Red Cross Society
Doctors Without Borders
World Central Kitchen

Thanks: Pink Floyd Collectors
Dedicated to Jon A.