Pink-Floyd.-Moscow-1989Here it is, the next installment of Brain Damage from Moscow during Pink Floyd’s “Another Lapse Tour”  This is a podcast I’ve had on the back-burner for a few years.  The quality is not up to my standards but this is a rare recording of a historical show for the band.  I’ve tried to “clean” it up and doctor it the best I could. Here’s the playlist!

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David Gilmour 84

dg1984podMost of this is from the “David Gilmour In Concert” video that was recorded and broadcast by MTV and released onto VHS in 1984 (now out of print).  All three nights at Hammersmith Odeon, London, were filmed.  This is the last night, 30. April, 1984 with special guests Roy Harper and Nick Mason.  Some tracks had to be sourced elsewhere to make this a complete concert.  I explain in the podcast.  Here’s the playlist.  Hope you enjoy!  Please consider a small donation, if you do.  Thank you.банки обмен валютысамый тонкий ноутбукandrea rosu 2016поисковая оптимизация этоWSP Italy ISCHIA W774как продвинуть свой сайт в поисковиках

A Mixed Bag

pink-floyd-hdThis particular episode has no theme. Its just a mixed bag of recent sorts.  Go with the flow and enjoy the show.  As always however, the playlist is embedded in the mp3 file info.  Here’s the playlist.  I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.  Please let me know what you think!binary option systemафрика турالحال بالنسبة لسيارة من الشمسзаказать разработкусколько стоит seo оптимизациякупить блинную сковороду

David Gilmour in NYC

Many of you have asked me which Gilmour shows I’ll be attending in NYC. I wish I could say all but I’ll only be attending the MSG gig tomorrow on the 11th.

Those of you who are interested in meeting up… You’ll find me at Local West Cafe next to MSG from 4p till around 7:30p. I’ll be on the roof deck (weather permitting). Hope to see you there.OK Optionsкитайские ноутбуки отзывысафари в кенииEcopia EP150онлайн операторbinary option brokers

The Avian Variety

This podcast developed out of another idea I had.  For this installment, we turn to our fine feathered friends. Its amazing how many different birds are mentioned or heard in Pink Floyd’s music… There’s mention of an Albatross, Kingfisher, Owl, Swan, Jackdaw, Woodpecker, Pigeon, Dove, Vulture, Magpie, Sparrow and the Eagle. I present to you an ornithological podcast.  Here’s the playlist! 

Please tell your friends about on Twitter or Facebook and PLEASE donate.  Every bit helps to keep the website running and for me to keep doing what I do. Thank you!  PLEASE comment and let me know what you think and email me suggestions at thedoctor@floydpodcast.comстоимость игрового ноутбуканоутбук через hdmi к телевизоруэвакуатор ценаbest binary options brokersZE Binary Signalsраскрутка сайта топ

Oslo 1994

1994-08-29 Valle HovinI’ve been wanting to feature this particular gig for a long time but I’m reminded why I’ve avoided it for so long.  Nonetheless, its a unique gig because it was the only stop on the entire Division Bell Tour where the band performed Marooned.

You can hear the taper (who was not so close to the stage) was concerned with getting caught.  Pink Floyd’s management instructed promoters to have security at each facility, confiscate any recording device.  The quality of the recording suffers a little because of this, so it was extremely difficult to doctor up.  I did the best I could.  I hope it sounds okay on your end but some EQ tweaking might be necessary.  Here is the playlist and here’s a ticket scan.  Please consider a small donation to help keep up and running.  Takk!продам ноутбук донецккинескопные телевизоры купить в интернет магазинеcar door coverssmm маркетингjbl on beat lightningindustry product life cycle


homeEverybody’s got somewhere they call home.  Take me home, take me home.  I feel like going home, I want to go home, I wanna go home.  If I were with you, I’d be home and dry.  If you’re alone, I’ll come home.  Open your heart, I’m coming home but I got no navigator to find my way home, to find my way home to your smile.  Back at home, what holds me here.  Nice to be at home, home again.  Hometown, staying home, home, home again.  Better stay home.  I must stay at home, a stranger at home.  Home and done.  That’s the playlist. недвижимость в америке купитьноутбук какой купитьотдых в гоа отзывыNokian Nordman SXBeats Studio WirelessClassic-options review


wallreduxsiteHappy Holidays!  This podcast is just another piece of random precision for you for this holiday season.

Ever since Roger released his Wall soundtrack, I’ve been playing around with recreating the entire evening’s experience, much like what I originally wanted to do for the Intermission podcast back in February.  This time I used the the film soundtrack but discovered that Roger removed several bits from the original live performance so I, very carefully, put them back using material from the June 2011 Duesseldorf gig.   Here’s the playlist.  Enjoy this little Christmas gift!солнцезащитный чехол hundaijunior girls modelingстеклянная посуда купитьmuscular leg womenпоисковая оптимизация сайта продвижение webполы из паркетной доски



noun: the condition or quality of being like Pink Floyd.

Its been a good year for Floyd fans sans Pink Floyd with both Roger and David giving us some new material.  It got me thinking, how much solo material could be good enough, to be Pink Floyd material.  David, Rick, Roger and Nick had their own style of course but they are were all cut from the same cloth. That Pink Floyd thread, if you will. Here’s the playlist.  Enjoy and please share your thoughts!  Please donate, and Thank you!какой процессор лучше для ноутбукаhookah pen no nicotineopteck tradingRedwood Options Broker ReviewОптика Биноклипродвижение сайта оплата за результат

Sense of Occasion

venueHere it is, finally.  Friday night in beautiful London, the 25th of September at Royal Albert Hall.  By far the best of the three night stint (before the following two nights last week).

UPDATE 12. DECEMBER 2015:  David’s management has kindly asked that I remove this podcast. It’s my intention to fully comply with any such requests. Thank you for your understanding.andrea rosu imagefapказаны чугунныекупить резину киев зимаMichelin Alpin A5порно видео в качестве hdстатьи о раскрутке сайтов