My Favorite Things

BD219I often get asked, “What’s your favorite Floyd song”?   That’s easy but I was recently asked, “If you had to pick one favorite song from each of Pink Floyd’s fifteen albums, what would they be”?  Not so easy.  I pondered over many tracks from each album and it was difficult to narrow it to just one but I did it and this podcast is the result.  See if you agree.  Here’s the playlist.


bd218It’s been a long time since I featured one of Roger’s Wall gigs.  This one is special.  I explain in the podcast but you can look at the playlist if you’re that curious.

When I attend concerts, I enjoy the pre-show and intermission house music as much as the show itself.  Usually its just whatever the production crew feels like playing but with Roger it’s different.  Roger’s crew uses every opportunity to throw subtle hints and references found deep in the wall.  Here’s the playlist.  Please enjoy the “full show”.

intermission part 1 video
intermission part 2 video

Go With The Flow

bd217Here is it, the first podcast of 2015 as enters its 10th year!  I never thought I’d be making these podcasts for as long as I have but I have you to thank for it’s continuing success!

No special theme for this one… I just went with the flow.  Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment!  Here’s the playlist.

“Go With The Flow” artwork: Bill Morgenstern

Time Machine

timeLive from The Rainbow Theater in Finsbury Park, London.  This was the second of two shows on the 4th of November 1973.  This particular gig started at 9pm and was done to benefit former Soft Machine front-man Robert Wyatt who had broken his spine after falling from a third floor window during a party.

This was the last time Pink Floyd performed the same night with their friends, Soft Machine apart from Nick Mason who occasionally played drums for Robert Wyatt in solo projects, including Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports. This was also the last concert of 1973, before Pink Floyd’s 1974 French Tour and it was the last time material from Obscured By Clouds would be performed live.  It’s a great performance! Here’s the setlist.

Long Cold Rest

pompeii skull.siteThe doctor takes a backseat as special guest host, Satan returns for another dark podcast from beyond.  This is a nice companion to last years podcast “All Hallows Eve”  For this, all the songs relate to death, dead, dying, died, kill and murder!  Mmwwhahaa!  Here’s the playlist.

On The Rocks

BD214The idea of this edition of Brain Damage comes to us from Brett in Tampa Florida.  The concept is Floyd songs that rock. He came up with a pretty good selection of  songs that rock, in his opinion (and mine), in no specific order.  Here’s Brett’s playlist. Enjoy!

If you have any suggestions for a themed playlist, email them to me at

English Summer

BD213This edition of Brain Damage is the perfect soundtrack to your lazy summer day.  It’s very similar to an older, popular themed podcast, SundownGrab an iced tea, or lemonade, kick your feet up and relax.  You deserve it!  Here’s the playlist.  Enjoy!

Sweet July

Pink+FloydI did it.  Somehow I managed to find what very little spare time I had to work on this month’s edition of Brain Damage.  I’m relieved because I didn’t want to skip a month.  There’s no theme for this one but its got a nice collection of recordings with a few I’ve never featured before. Its mostly early material book ended with more contemporary solo material.  I hope you enjoy it.  Here’s the playlist.  Please comment and if you can, donate.  Thank you!


echoIt all started out as a collection of ideas called “Nothing, Parts 1-24″ (often mislabeled as “Nothing, Parts 1-36″, there were only 24).  It was given many names, like, We Won The Double, Return of the Sun of Nothing and later referred to as Looking Through the Knothole in Granny’s Wooden Leg and The March of The Dambusters.  Not too confusing but there’s no mistaking it’s one hell of an epic piece of music and perhaps Pink Floyd most iconic.  Here’s the playlist but its only one song (guess which one) but seven different versions throughout the years… PING!