Opening Bell

pink_floyd_the_division_bell_ana_by_madforstereo-d5g996nIt’s crazy to think we’re upon the 20th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s last album and tour.  This recording is from the opening night of their Division Bell Tour in Miami, at Joe Robbie Stadium, on the 30th of March 1994.  It’s a surprisingly good audience recording.  Although there are some problems with sound levels and a few glitches I had to fix. Pink Floyd’s performance is top-notch. Here’s the playlist. Enjoy!


Work In Progress (the extraction tapes)

170116.pngOne of the most often asked questions I get is, “Do you have any Wish You Were Here or Animals demo or outtakes”?  Well, the answer is still unfortunately no, but I do have these unbelievable alternate, early studio mixes.  These surfaced earlier this month and they spread across the Internet like wildfire.  Nowhere else can you hear it remastered than right here. Enjoy and please leave a comment! Here’s the playlist (but its pretty obvious).


New England

bd206Here it is, the first podcast of 2014 as Brain Damage enters its 9th year!  This particular episode is not for the casual Pink Floyd fan!  We cover 40 years of nearly every Pink Floyd or solo member appearance in the Boston and lower New England states.  If you’re from the area, you’re gonna LOVE this podcast and if your not, hope you’ll still like it. This is the longest podcast I’ve done so lets dive in!  Here’s the playlist. Thank you for your support and don’t forget, please leave comments.


The Bright Side of The Moon

BD205It’s been said Pink Floyd are spokesmen for the disappointed.  There’s some truth to that but there’s actually a lot of positive and uplifting material as well.  A rather unusual theme for a Pink Floyd radio show, for this we stare into the bright side. What better way to end the year?  Thank you for listening and enjoy!  (and if you do, please consider a small donation). Here’s the playlist!

Photo by: Hila Oren


M’cr II

1234832_550087831713199_735972290_nThree days back from the UK and a recording from Manchester has already popped up.  Perfect timing for this month’s podcast.  The recording needed some help and I was more than happy to lend a hand.

This show was (in my opinion) better than the massive and not as good sounding Wembley gig two days before.  This was the very last Wall show in the UK and third from the very last performance ever and the band sounds tight and spot on.

The Wall live from Phones4u Arena, Manchester, UK. 16. September 2013. No playlist… I’m fairly sure you already know it.  Enjoy.


Raw Sound of Thunder

BD202There’s nothing cooler than having a raw, unedited version of an officially released concert.  This gem of a soundboard recording surfaced not to long ago.  I believe its recorded off a close FM radio frequency so people with hearing problems can hear a nice and clear feed from the board.  I could be wrong.  It was originally missing a little segment of “Sorrow” and “Money” due to tape flips but I patched those both up, remastered and doctored for supersound.  Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Long Island, N.Y., 20 August 1988.  A couple of other unrelated goodies are thrown in for good measure.  Enjoy!  Please donate and comment.  Thank you.  Here’s the playlist.


Pros And Cons – Chicago

BD201It’s more like the Pros And Cons of Floydpodcasting.  After two months of editing, I have to admit, all the work was worth it.  Please forgive me if I do say so myself, this sounds fucking incredible.  Roger Water’s “The Pros & Cons of Hitchhiking – North American Tour”  featuring Eric Clapton.  From the Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, Illinois, twenty nine years ago today, 26, July, 1984.  Enjoy and please don’t forget to comment here or on facebook.   Oh and also please consider a small donation.  Even if its just one dollar, every bit helps afford licensing and hosting costs.  Thank you!

Ticket stub: RonToon of
Soundboard recording: Ian Russell


All Request “LIVE”

BDliveThis is a reconstruction of the 200th Brain Damage episode that aired LIVE over the web last week on 30 June, 2013.  Since my two back up recordings failed the original show was lost in cyberspace forever.  Some people didn’t get to hear it so I decided to recreate it as closely as I could with one slight change to the original playlist.  Enjoy and if you do please donate!  Thank you!


“matrix” project update – a tiny taste

clipGood news… It took me ages but I just finished the first set a few moments ago.  Bad news… I’m only half way.  Now on to the second set.  It’s fairly certain it won’t be ready in time.  BUT, here’s a sample for you to enjoy!  I think you’ll be quite impressed.

Have A Cigar – Roger Waters, Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, Illinois, 26 July, 1984