Sheffield 1970

I love a good upgrade to well known audience recordings! Who doesn’t? They rarely come around, but when they do, rest assured it will be here, and here it is. From City Hall, Sheffield, England, 22. December, 1970. It features a rare performance of Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast! The sound is amazing to begin with but it’s still doctored up, detailed, if you will. Hope you like and if you do, please help support the podcast! Thank you! Here’s the playlist.

Live At Leeds

For this podcast, it’s “Live At Leeds” University’s Refectory Hall, 28th February 1970. Just two weeks after The Who’s famous concert recording there. I’ve been meaning to feature this for a while. The sound quality is excellent so  I didn’t need to do much to it but I did boost the level in some places and tweaked it just a little more, added some sweetness. here’s the playlist. Enjoy it loud and let me know what you think!

Fillmore West 2.0

Sometimes better versions of concert recordings or more complete versions pop up over time. This podcast is an upgrade to a recording I featured 13 years ago. A much better version recently surfaced so I figured why not pay a revisit. It’s slightly doctored for supersound but credit goes to Buffalofloyd of Yeeshkul for fixing this up. It’s an epic gig from Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA. 29, April. 1970.  Here’s the playlist!

Santa Monica 1970

I figured it’s time for a good old fashioned Pink Floyd concert from the spring of 1970. How about something from the west coast, like Santa Monica, California at the The Civic Auditorium. Its a fantastic gig! A lot of careful work went into this recording which I can appreciate. I explain more in the podcast. I’m surprised this has flown under my radar for so long as it has but here it is and here’s the playlist!  Enjoy!

Too Early For A Gig

Show #183, Release date: 24. March 2012

This is the second of the two concerts at the Super Pop ’70 VII, Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland, 22. November 1970.  This second performance, hastily added at 2.30pm, is entitled “Too Early For A Gig” (HRV CDR 037).  I’ve featured “this” few times before but Harvested recently released the most complete and accurate version to date.  There’s always been a little confusion over this recording but no longer.  For this podcast, Harvested Records founder RonToon is my guest and he sheds some light on this popular recording.

Forwards In Reverse

Show #149 Release date: 24. March, 2010

The name of the podcast almost has nothing to do with the theme but it does describe the manner in which it progresses.  A few weeks ago I realized that I’ve never featured the KQED sessions in full, not even on the radio back in 2004.  Crazy I neglected this for so long and its long overdue.  For the rest of the podcast, I wasn’t 100% sure what direction to take it.  Well, the other day, Craig Williams, who’s responsible for the last podcast idea again suggested the following, “Years ago you did a podcast featuring a compilation of the Pink Floyd radio sessions, well how about doing one featuring their appearances on TV. As it focuses on the bands early years, it provides a nice contrast to recent podcasts”  He also suggested KQED.  What a coincidence and bingo.  We were watching TV… watching TV.  Please don’t mind me flipping the channels.  Here’s the playlist.


Show #144 Release date: 13. November, 2009

Pepperland Auditorium, San Rafael, CA, 17. October 1970.  This is from the master tape.  Great sound, great show but the band experienced some technical glitches at the start.  To make up for it, the Floyd perform incredibly well and just jam out.  If you dig early gigs, then this is for you.  Enjoy!

Before The Fire 2.0

Show #127, Release date: 28. February, 2009

This podcast was taken from a bootleg called “The Good & The Bad.”  I left out the bad and give you the good but still lots of tweaking was necessary for this one.

Originally Floyd was scheduled for the 21st but a second show was added at the last minute.  Both shows were recorded by EMI and later had pressed white-label acetates, which included an interview with David in French.  Not much came from these recordings but it’s likely they would of been used for promotional purposes and not for commercial release.

Super Pop ’70 VII, Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland, 22. November 1970.

Fillmore West

Show #80 Release date: 16. March, 2007

Pink Floyd’s stellar performance at the legendary Filmore West in San Francisco, 29. April, 1970.  

“Recorded on Pink Floyd’s third American tour, this show introduced San Francisco to some of the newer material from the Ummagumma LP, and a taste of things soon to come on the Atom Heart Mother LP, to be released later that year. This San Francisco audience is particularly quiet and attentive, a fact that seems to have facilitated a more intimate, unique and focused performance than other dates on this tour” – Wolfgang’s Vault.   Show playlist.

Yet Another Podcast II

Show #57, Release date: 12. May, 2006

As promised in the last podcast, here is some earlier Floyd Material.  Some of it taken from a few videos found on

The Second half of this podcast features the Super Pop ’70 VII, Altes Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland, November 21st and 22nd.  The second show was added at the last minute.  Both shows were recorded and EMI pressed white-label acetates. It’s likely these were intended to be promotional tools, not for commercial release.  Astronomy Domine was performed with a violent twist while Cymbaline was victim to a technical glitch, perhaps caused by a cabinet that blew from Roger’s bass which caused David to burst out in laughter.

Electric Factory

Show #43, Release date: 4. November, 2005
(Originally Show #29, Air date: 11. March, 2005)

Electric Factory, Philadelphia, Pa, 26. September, 70 – If you close your eyes, you will feel as though you are there in the room. The Electric Factory, in Philadelphia (as you can see on the photo) is not very big. You can hear peoples’ coughs echo off the walls during the quiet moments, it’s that small of a “room”.

The performance is excellent and there’s a good amount of experimentation going on… more than usual for a 1970 Floyd show (based on what I’ve heard so far). Every song is played beautifully from start to finish. Interstellar Overdrive was especially “interesting”. A very spaced out show indeed.

Whoever taped this show, where ever you are… I LOVE YOU!!!!!