Cruel But Fair

Show #63, Release date: 21. July, 2006

Originally show #25, Air date: 11. February, 2005 – Los Angeles Sports Arena, 26. April 1975.  A Harvested release and an EXCELLENT recording of a complete 1975 gig.  After You Gotta Be Crazy, Roger says “It was a cruel song… but fair… next tune we’re going to do for you is another new number, it’s called Shine On You Crazy Diamond.  It has something to do with Syd Barrett, who some of you might remember… and some of you probably won’t.”

I Start the podcast with “Marooned” from the Bootlegging The Bootleggers section of the new P*U*L*S*E DVD, recorded at Valle Hovin Stadion, Oslo, Norway, 29. August 1994

2 thoughts on “Cruel But Fair

  1. Question: did this phrase pop into Roger’s head (as he was on stage introducing the song to the audience), because he had previously heard it in an episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus? It’s part of the script for Python Episode 1, Series 2; ‘Ethel the Frog” which contains a sketch covering the exploits of fictional brothers Doug and Dinsdale Piranha. This may be based on the legendary real-life Cray Brothers. Anyway “he’s a cruel man, but fair” is memorable a line from this skit.

    Just wondering.

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