Floyd PVD 1987

PVD is the airport code for Providence, Rhode Island. For this podcast, we go back to the 17th of October, 1987. Its the second of two nights about a month into the A Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour. Its the bands first time back to the New England area since 1977 and Floyd first time in Providence since 1973. The southern New England crowd is understandably very excited. I explain more in the podcast but I spent three months doctoring this up and the results have far surpassed my expectations. The podcast starts off with a newly surfaced demo of Yet Another Movie! I hope you enjoy! Please comment and if you’d like, donate! Thank you! Here’s the playlist. Be sure to look for a free lossless version on Yeeshkul, TDD and Dime shortly. Big thank you to the taper, Barry Rogoff (Balrog). Tapers ticket. Ticket (thanks Terry)

Stitched Up

lapseIf you loved the Raw Sound of Thunder or any of the other Momentary Lapse soundboard podcasts, then you’re going love this!  Its an early Momentary Lapse of Reason tour, soundboard recording (post “Echoes”, but don’t worry, I got you covered).  Live at the Brendan Byrne Meadowlands Arena, East Longmeadow, New Jersey, 11 October 1987.  Here’s the playlist! 

Raw Sound of Thunder

BD202There’s nothing cooler than having a raw, unedited version of an officially released concert.  This gem of a soundboard recording surfaced not to long ago.  I believe its recorded off a close FM radio frequency so people with hearing problems can hear a nice and clear feed from the board.  I could be wrong.  It was originally missing a little segment of “Sorrow” and “Money” due to tape flips but I patched those both up, remastered and doctored for supersound.  Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Long Island, N.Y., 20 August 1988.  A couple of other unrelated goodies are thrown in for good measure.  Enjoy!  Please donate and comment.  Thank you.  Here’s the playlist.

At The Omni

Show #179, Release date: 04. December, 2011

It feels like its been a while since a full Floyd concert’cast.  I’ve been meaning to feature this one for a long time but kept putting it off.  It’s Pink Floyd’s first visit to Atlanta Georgia in ten years.  Over a three day period, they filmed and recorded in what was supposed to be a precursor to ‘delicate’.  Doctored up and whatnot…  Enjoy and thanks for leaving comments!  I love them.  Don’t stop!

At The Budokan

Show #167, Release date: 14. March, 2011

To my friends and listeners of Japan,  My heart goes out to all of you.  I feel great sadness after seeing all the devastation.  If you can hear this podcast, I hope it will bring you some comfort and a little escape from it all, at least for a brief moment. For this, it’s at the Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, 2. March, 1988.  (I say the 4th in the podcast by mistake, sorry)

We start things off with a live cut from Roger’s last visit to New Zealand.  As you may recall, they too had an earthquake recently.

Please visit these following sites to see how you can help;
Japanese Red Cross
How to Help Japan
Google Crisis Response for Japan
Google Crisis Response for New Zealand
New Zealand Red Cross

A Clearer View

Show #151 Release date: 9. May, 2010

I had normally planned on presenting my matrix recording from Foxboro, May 1988 as like an anniversary thing.  Unfortunately I had to abort the project because the edited files became corrupt.  The ghost in the Machine got the best of it.

A while back someone handed a copy of a mystery 1987 Floyd gig in hopes that I could identify it and found that it was from Floyd’s last night at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago, 28th September.  This podcast features that recording which I also discovered happens to be taken right from master, all doctored up to sound a little better.

Delicate Sound of Miami

Show #128 – Release date: 14. March 2009

Here’s an excellent soundboard recording from the Orange Bowl in Miami, 1. November, 1987.  It was a very rainy evening.  So much so that it kept the Pig from making an appearance.  As the show progressed, so did the rain.  Listen closely for the delicate sound of thunder off in the distance while Gilmour comments on the weather.

This recording had several glitches repaired before it landed in my lap but I noticed a few others that got over looked.  I repaired those, lifted the sound and gave it a wider presence, EQ and all that jazz.  Enjoy!

Torn Into Bacon

Show #111 Release date: 17. May, 2008

Finally an end to 20 years of waiting for this rare concert recording to appear.  For this podcast we go back to May 6 1988, Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts.

It’s the standard set list but the band sounds tight and gives the crowd a great performance. The pig met an unfortunate end when it was grabbed by the audience and torn to shreds. Fortunately, the band kept a spare inflatable on hand.

Nick thinks we (because I was there) were “an overly-enthusiastic or fanatically vegan audience.”  David asked the crowd, “Did you enjoy your way with our pig?” He then adds, “I don’t know what the fuck happened to it… seems like a lack of discipline will get you torn into bacon around here.”

Doctored for supersound, enjoy!

Signs of Life

Show #92 Release date: 18. August, 2007

9. September, 1987, Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada at Frank Clair Stadium. This is a complete, decent sounding show and the first gig from the A Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour.  The taper and his buddies are certainly enjoying the show as were the rest of the 28 thousand, plus people in attendance.  In fact, the crowd would be the one big drawback to this recording.  They get a little overpowering at times and other times they are well behaved.  You may find yourself wanting to scream “be quiet!”  Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do to fix that but I was able to improve on the sound a little bit.  All that aside, this is a landmark, concert for Floyd.  Hope you dig.

No Drop of Waters

Show #88 Release date: 6. July, 2007

The last podcast stirred up a great thread.  I planned to feature the first Waterless Floyd gig but decided to do an experiment instead.  I have for you, Floyd’s last two albums.  Performed live (except Cluster One) all recorded off the soundboard, all arranged in the same order as each album.  This podcast was lots of fun to put together.  Hope you dig it.

Photo: Grantchester Meadows, Grantchester side

Melbourne 1988

Show #54, Release date: 31. March, 2006

“He Couldn’t Make It Tonight”

Tennis Center, Melbourne, Australia, 19. February, 1988. This is a soundboard, concert recording that surfaced last summer. I’d love to know how this came to fruition because it’s the best of an ’88 gig you’ll find.  It has a few flaws however.  There were some slight  mixing issues plus the encore and other small parts were missing.  My guess is that a crew member had recorded this for their own posterity.  Anyway, I tried my best to patch it up just to make the ride less bumpy and added a fantasy encore, if you will, for good measure.  Oh and almost forgot, speaking of patching things.  This podcast opens with a very nice soundboard version of Echoes, however incomplete from 1987, but that’s patched up too.  I explain more in the podcast.  Hope you dig it.

Colin Turner, webmaster of Pinkfloydz.com and super genius, has written a cool article where he recounts his time seeing the Floyd at the Tennis Centre here.

*photo: http://www.spencertunick.com/