With Friends Surrounded

Show #158, Release date: 19. September, 2010

Yeah I know… the title is Gilmour/Floyd but its appropriate.  If you are/were unable to visit Chicago for Roger’s performance of The Wall, then this is for you.  The AFG forum member events are a special thing and sharing the fun with as many people as possible is what it’s all about. Here’s a great collection of Roger Waters’ songs, a soundtrack if you will for a dinner gathering at Gino’s East in downtown Chicago.  For this, we wish you were here.

‘I Framed’ Roger Waters

Show #154 Release date: 25. July, 2010

Actually I didn’t frame Roger.  Good friend and long time Brain Damaged listener Barry BURBs hit me up with a smashing good mix framed in the proper light.

Since I’m deeply immersed in my latest matrix project and with Roger making all the buzz lately, this seems rather fitting.  I always love when listeners generate content so keep em coming!

At Barry’s request and in keeping with his podcasting style there will be no playlist for his one.  It’s a fun listen!  Don’t forget to please leave your comments!  Thank you and enjoy!

Before Being Committed

Show #141 Release date: 24. September, 2009

Here is a little something for you while I’ve been getting my production studio all updated and sorted out.

Occasional surrogate DJ/host/presenter Scott Middlebrook from Melbourne, Australia has come to the rescue once again in time of need. Hes put together a neat floydcast of songs performed live before they were committed to tape.   Well done Scott!

Thanks again for your infinite patience and all the kind words.  I’m almost done getting everything back to normal.  I pretty much had to rebuild and update the production studio from the ground up… anyway in the meantime and as always… please enjoy!

Wish They Were Here

Show #136 Release date: 30. June, 2009

Thank you so much for all the kind words.  My hearing is about 80% better.  It’s nice to hear somewhat in stereo again.  Now, while I’m still on the mend, here’s a neat little surprise I have for you.  I’m amazed that as soon as I step down for a brief moment, someone is ready to step up.  Brain Damaged listener, Luke of Cardiff, Wales put together something nifty I think you might like.

Luke writes…
“I’m just finishing up a Pink Floyd mix I guess you’d call it…it’s like an album length mix of songs, sounds, and other Floyd related stuff.  It’s called Wish They Were Here: An Assorted Piece For Pink Floyd Lunatics. Don’t know whether you’d be interested in hearing it?  I’ve looked through the archive and don’t think you ever feature mixes or anything like that sent in or anything, but maybe it would be possible to give it a shout-out if people want to listen? I mainly made it for myself but would be cool if some other fans could enjoy it too”.

Luke goes on to say, “It’s just over 60 minutes, and has a few vague themes to it. Syd, being one of them. It’s not even particularly a mix featuring all my favorite songs so much as songs that I really like that seemed to fit to make an interesting hour. Hope you have the time to check it out man, and maybe even mention it on your show if you like it”.

Luke, you did a nice job, so many thanks for this!  I’m sure it will be enjoyed by thousands and fetch many comments.

Here To Do My Parts

Show #121 Release date: 31. October, 2008

This is a special podcast but I must tell you… I haven’t been myself lately (hehehe) so you’ll have to forgive me.  I’m here but I’m off doing it somewhere else.*  Enjoy this one.

Brain Damage Far East

Show #109 Release date: 19. April, 2008

Fellow Brain Damaged listener, Golgo Hakase of Japan created this podcast featuring an excellent recording from Floyd’s 1972 Japanese Tour at Nakanoshima Sports Center, Sapporo,  Hokkaido, Japan, 13 March, 1972.  So, I’m going to take the back seat on this part of the journey, besides I could use a little break.

For those of you going to Denver to see Roger Waters, I’ll see you there!!!  In the meantime please enjoy Golgo’s creation.  It’s nicely done and doctor approved.

Brain Damage Down Under 2.0

Show #101 Release date: 24. December, 2007

Hers a special podcast from a fellow Brain Damage listener, Scott Middlebrook of Melbourne, Australia.

He emailed me a while ago and wanted a crack at it.  He did well!  Enjoy this special one. Happy Christmas to all!

One of Your Turns

Show #67 Release date: 1. September, 2006

Here it is, your Pink Floyd podcast with your selections and your intros.  Nice job!  Thank you.  It was fun putting this ‘cast together and I didn’t even have to think of what to play.  This is my favorite podcast so far and I hope you enjoy it as well.  Bravo!

Brain Damage… Down Under?

Show #47, Release date: 31. December, 2005

Yep… One ambitious, Fat Old Sun from Geelong, Australia asked me if he could have a go at making his own Brain Damage radio show for me to hear. I said why not and two weeks later he sent it to me. After listening to it, I feel it deserves some merit. After all he throws in some good narration, has a decent selection of songs and even used a music bed to talk over, just like mine. Fat Old Sun had no intention of this going public but I want to share it with you. Brain Damage “up above” (the original) will be back on 7. January, 2006.

Enjoy the surprise podcast and HAPPY NEW YEAR!