Dortmund 1977

For this edition, we go back to the 23rd of January, 1977 at the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund, Germany where Pink Floyd decided to kick off their Animals Tour. A lot of tweaking went into this. Hopefully you’ll enjoy. At the start of the podcast, I give you plenty of time to roll one up and settle in. Please don’t forget to donate if you like, and thank you! Here’s the playlist.

Frankfurt 77

For this edition of Brain Damage, its an excellent audience recording from the beginning of the “In The Flesh Tour’, 27 January, 1977 in Frankfurt Germany at the Festhalle.

This bootleg is titled “From The Masters” and is noted as one of the best sounding shows from the European leg of the tour. The band’s performance is solid throughout the show and it’s now all doctored for supersound! Vastly improved sound for sure but you be the judge. First we start off with Pink Floyd’s latest, with Hey Hey Rise Up!  Please leave a comment and donate! Thank you and enjoy! Here’s the playlst.

Montreal 1977 (revisited)

It’s perhaps the most famous Pink Floyd concert. I’ve featured it way back in 2006 but since then, recorder 2 was painstakingly remastered by a guy called ‘Hippopotamus’ in 2013. Just recently, the same, was speed corrected our friend by MOB in 2021. The result is A-MAZE-ING!  Hope you like it and be sure to play it loud!  Here’s the playlist. Enjoy!

Down In A Pig Mine

I hope this finds you well. Here’s the latest podcast, finally. This is taken from a RoIO called California Stockyard, recorded on 7th of May 1977, at Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim, California. 

A ton of doctoring when into this. Heres the playlist. Dig it!

NYC 77

bd223Finally, here it is.  Recorded 2. July 1977 from the most often requested series of gigs during 1977 at Madison Square Garden, NYC.  Most recordings between the 1st and the 4th of July don’t live up to my high standard but there is this one master recording and its explosively excellent.  I tweaked it up just a little but for the most part, it didn’t need much.  We starting lighting things off with a Richard Wright track.  Please donate if you can.  Thank you.  Here’s the playlist! 

Here’s a ticket scan (courtesy RonToon)

Animals aux Abattoirs

paris77We are long overdue for a gig from The Animals Tour (as it was called in Europe).  This excellent recording is from the last of four consecutive nights from a rather fitting location that used to be a slaughterhouse.  Pavillon De Paris, 25th Febuary, 1977.  Another Harvested gem!  Here’s the playlist and here’s a ticket scan.


Pavillion de Pigs

Show #171, Release date: 15. June, 2011

Here’s a long overdue Animals gig.  This particular recording comes a month after the album’s release.  The audience is generally very quiet and respectful, which is a refreshing change from the standard audience recording from this tour.  Not a single firework to be heard!  Live from Pavillion de Paris, Porte de Pantin, Paris, France, 22. February, 1977.

Pink Noise

Show #137 Release date: 12. July, 2009

For this installment, we go to Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, OH, 25. June 1977.  American shows in the summer of 1977 were particularly rowdy, but this recording is probably most notable for the numerous cries of “SIT DOWN!” throughout the show. Fortunately, the music on this release comes out on top for the majority of the show.  The occasional fireworks set off yet Roger manages to keep his cool during this performance but by this time in tour he was already becoming agitated by the carefree behavior of these massive audiences.  Roger can be heard shouting “46″ during Pigs (3 Different Ones) after the second verse, which is one of the identifiers for the concerts on this tour, however he must have lost count because this was actually the 47th show.

The podcast kicks off with Jeff Beck live, last week at the Royal Albert Hall with David Gilmour as surprise guest, performing Jerusalem.

Oakland 77

Show #129 Release date: 28. March, 2009

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… This is an upgrade to the previous 9. May, 1977 podcast “Look Mommy, there’s an aeropig up in the sky” (Show #70 Release date: 13. October, 2006).  As it turns out, it was recorded by Reinhart Holhwein, not Bill Graham Productions as previously thought.

Reinhart’s recording landed in the lap of a master of mastering, Derek McCabe of ‘Mouth of the beast’, a group of people who master live recordings, mostly Grateful Dead stuff.  The clarity is much better.

Photo: Mark Fisher © Fisher Park/STUFISH 2008


Show #102 Release date: 11. January, 2008

Welcome back!  Thanks for hanging in there during the break.  Featured in this podcast is an early gig from the Animals Tour, 1st of February, 1977 at the Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria.

I see many of you are anxious to get on with it so without any more mucking about, we kick things off with a request from Neil of Wales, Main Theme performed at the Fairfield Hall, Croydon, Surrey, UK, 18. January, 1970.

A Perfect Ending To A Perfect Day

Show #87 Release date: 22. June, 2007

27. June 1977, Bostin Gahdin, Bostin, Mazzachoozetts. This is a wicked pissa recoahdin.  This was Pink Floyd’s second and last visit to the Gahdin and their last gig in the Bostin area with Rogah still in the band.  The Animals In The Flesh touah was windin down and the band were wicked ti’ed but they played hahd.  Rogah’s last words “a perfect ending to a perfect day” summed it up well.  Don’t you just love trying to read something in a Boston accent?


Oink Oink Woof Woof Baaa

Show #50, Release date: 3. February, 2006
(Originally Show #1, Air date: 20. March, 2004)

In the Flesh concert #61, at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, 6. July 1977, Montreal, Canada.  The infamous spitting incident… stadium crowds push Roger to build The Wall.  This was the last show of the tour and the last time Animals would be performed live by the Floyd. It was also the last time Roger would perform Wish You Were Here and Money with Pink Floyd until 28 years later for the famous Live8 reunion.

It’s an audience recording from the floor section. Sound quality is about a 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 5, (5 being the best

A few years back there was an excellent article with photos of this concert by Wray Ellis here.