Japan 1972

For this edition, we head off to the land of the rising sun where The Floyd took part on a short, six day tour of Japan in 1972. The last date being at the Nakajima Sports Center in Sapparo on the island of Hokkaido, 13 March 1972 , almost one year before the studio release of The Dark Side of The Moon. This date also featured a performance of Atom Heart Mother. Here’s the playlist! Enjoy!

Eclipse – At Rainbow Theater

It was 50 years ago TODAY, Pink Floyd performed their 4th night at The Rainbow Theater, Finsbury Park, London. “In Rainbow Light” all doctored (as much as possible) for supersound. The first set consists mostly of “Best Of Tour 72” and the rest from other sources. I did the best I could to improve the sound from one to another. Enjoy! Here’s the playlist.

Live In Brussels

For this installment, we go back to 5th of December 1972, Brussels Belgium. The recording was produced by a taper named “OPUS 5”, it is a very good to borderline excellent stereo recording but it needed some help. I explain more in the podcast but its all doctored up for supersound! We also close the podcast with a new track by Jon Carin!  Here’s the playlist!  Please consider a small donation?  Thank you for your support!

Into Little Pieces

For this edition of Brain Damage, its Floyd live at The Sporto, 28 June, 1973.  This recording has been around for a while but this time it gets the doctored treatment… a little.  There’s a few flaws within the recording that even I can’t fix but not all is lost. I explain in the podcast.  Pink Floyd put on a gripping show and the recording is very good,  So here it is, flaws ‘n all!  Before however, I figure a nice 25 minute version of Shine On You Crazy Diamond would be fitting since The Sport gig is a diamond in the rough.  Hope you like.  Here’s the playlist


Brain Damage, the definitive Pink Floyd radio show enters it’s 13th year with a great concert from Floyd’s 1973 Dark Side of The Moon North American Tour.  Live from the Maple Leaf in Toronto Canada eh.  All doctored up as best I can. Please leave your comments.  Thanks for listening and a BIG THANK YOU to those who made it possible for me to do what I do. Here’s the playlist.

Time Machine

timeLive from The Rainbow Theater in Finsbury Park, London.  This was the second of two shows on the 4th of November 1973.  This particular gig started at 9pm and was done to benefit former Soft Machine front-man Robert Wyatt who had broken his spine after falling from a third floor window during a party.

This was the last time Pink Floyd performed the same night with their friends, Soft Machine apart from Nick Mason who occasionally played drums for Robert Wyatt in solo projects, including Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports. This was also the last concert of 1973, before Pink Floyd’s 1974 French Tour and it was the last time material from Obscured By Clouds would be performed live.  It’s a great performance! Here’s the setlist.

The Dark Side of The Hub

The first podcast of 2013 and keeping it close to home. You all voted on facebook for a 1972-73 era Pink Floyd concert.  There seemed to be a leaning towards a 1973 gig.

So for this one it’s from Boston at the Music Hall, 14th March 1973.  It’s decent recording but it needed a lot of work.  Doctored up and I hope it sounds good for you.  It may need a tweak on your system’s EQ then again, it may not.  Enjoy!  Please don’t forget the donation button is located on the “about” section located above.  Thanks!

Brighton Dome 1972

Show #190, Release date: 15. August, 2012

This one’s to help the Dome in Brighton and a special guest joins me to discuss how we can do that.  So, quick!! Theres not much time left to show your support to help the Brighton Dome restore its history with Pink Floyd.  Pledge your interest along with the likes of Guy Pratt at http://thedarksideofthemoon.co.uk/the-brighton-dome/

This podcast is taken from a bootleg called “Return From The Dark Profound”.  I’ve avoided this for the most part because the quality is not up to my standards but the historical significance trumps the quality.  Until Pink Floyd decides to release the rest of the Brighton 72 gigs, this is the only recording we got (there are others with different titles, but its all from the same source).  I’ve attempted to doctored it up as best I could and I think I’ve accomplished that to some degree.  You be the judge.

Zurich 1972

Show #140 Release date: 30. August, 2009

I’ve been in a early to mid Seventies funk lately so what better time to take care of a request for a gig from that era.  We start out with a good bye song from Boston because us Bostonians are twisted that way then we find ourselves on the dark side of the largest city in Switzerland at the Hallenstadion, 9. December 1972.  Doctored for supersound… Enjoy!

Granny’s Wooden Leg

Show #125 – Release date: 31. January 2009

It’s been a while featuring an early 70’s gig.  We go back to 1972.  According to Nick Mason, it was a year when Pink Floyd felt a ‘revitalized sense of purpose.’  Four months before the release of Dark Side Of The Moon, the band threw down a great gig in Böblingen, Germany, 15. November 1972.

Where There’s Muck There’s Brass

Show #69 Release date: 29. September, 2006

Wow, three podcasts this month.  Lucky you.  For this podcast we visit The Palace Theater in Waterbury Connecticut* 18. March 1973.  The sound quality was rather mucky before I polished it up as best I could.  I had to locate more than one source and even take clips from other shows to fill in some gaps.  It’s an “off the beaten path” location for a Pink Floyd gig.  Why not Hartford?  Anyway, this podcast will be last to feature a Dark Side of The Moon set for a while.  Hope you dig!

*March 7 2010:  UPDATE!!!  Its quite possible this recording is actually from Radio City Music Hall.  That show didn’t start until 1:30am on the 18th.

Tribute band The Pink Floyd Experience will be performing at the Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT, Saturday, 10. February 2007 at 7pm (just happens to be on my birthday so I’ll see you there)

Hollywood Bowl

Show #65 Release date: 4. August, 2006

The third and final installment of the L.A. Concert series. The premiere of Dark Side of The Moon for the Hollywood glitterati, 22. September 1972.

The Hollywood Bowl officially opened in 1922 on the site of a natural amphitheater formerly known as the Daisy Dell.  Roger and his band will perform Dark Side of The Moon at “The Bowl” later this year, October 5th, 6th, and 7th.

This podcast starts out with David Gilmour’s acoustic performance of Dark Globe, recorded live last week 27. July 2006 at Clam Castle, Klam, Austria, as a tribute to Roger Barrett.

Photo: The Hollywood Bowl during setup for Pink Floyd’s concert on 22 Sept.1972.