Us + Them – Greensboro

This is almost like a continuation from the last podcast. It picks up where the other left off.  Lines were very long to get in the venue.  Roger tours with 18 trucks full of gear for his 2017 Us+ Them North American Tour.  Greensboro Coliseum only has three bays to unload, which made it a nightmare for the roadies because it badly slowed their set up time.  They managed to get things set up just in time but not before crowds were supposed to be let in.  Anyway, this is an excellent recording from the floor, center stage.  Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, N.C., 18. July, 2017.  Here’s the playlist.

Photo: Josh Hampton

17 thoughts on “Us + Them – Greensboro

  1. Doc, do you by any chance know what’s the name of the first song that sounds in the soundscape tape? Really beautiful and calming

    • That’s Jess and Holly, Rogers backing singers. Great, aren’t they? I’m afraid it’s not a particular song. It’s just something they did for the tour. They sing it again before Brain Damage.

  2. The Brick parts really do work nice together. Still finding it hard to find love for the backup singers though. I hope they’ll frow on me until this thing hits Europe.

  3. This is a freaking great Podcast Matt!! What an amazing show this is. Much better than expected. It’s on fire and Roger is in great shape! A lot of great variations to the well known and maybe overplayed songs that actually makes them really desirable again 🙂
    I really really hope he will visit Scandinavia next year! I want to see and hear this with my own eyes and ears!

    Thank you Doc!

  4. Great work Doc, but any chance of stepping away from Rog for the next podcast? 50th anniversary of Piper etc,etc. Cheers!

  5. Another excellent podcast Matt, currently listening to it by a cool pool in the searing heat of Skopelos Island, Greece. Can’t wait until I see the show ‘in the flesh’ at Brooklyn in September. See you there?

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