Two Birds, One Stone

Show #135 Release date: 13. June, 2009

This podcast features not one but two very cool gigs.  The first by request, is David performing at the Mermaid Theatre in 2006.  The other half of the podcast is a unique recording mostly used for the live portion of Ummagumma. The mix is different from what we hear on the official release so this should be a real treat for you Ummagumma fans.   A big thanks to the folks at Yellow Cow Records for bringing this into the light.

5 thoughts on “Two Birds, One Stone

    • Hier ist die (Original-)Setlist, die damals noch im Post mitgeschickt wurde:

      The Mermaid Theatre, London, 7. March 2006
      Broadcast on BBC Radio 2, 11. March 2006
      1. Castellorizon
      2. On An Island
      3. The Blue
      4. Take A Breath
      5. Smile
      6. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part I-V)
      7. Wearing The Inside Out
      8. Comfortably Numb

      Student Union Building, College Of Commerce, Manchester, U.K., 2. May, 1969
      1. Astronomy Domine (different mix from the official release)
      2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (longer intro, no vocals in this mix)
      3. Interstellar Overdrive (not included in the official release)
      4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (different mix from the official release)
      Mother’s, Birmingham, U.K., 27. April, 1969
      5. A Saucerful of Secrets (the official release uses a composite of this and the Manchester recording)

  1. I was drinking in a dive bar one evening last summer and some young guy (24-25?) happened to saunter in with a few more of his wet-behind-the-ears buddies and so he’s standing near me and he and all his friends are talking to some mutual acquaintances of mine (just some erstwhile companions; aka “friends in low places”). But since its all just a loose group of drinkers–and the space is tight–we’re all casually sharing in and listening to each other’s chatter.

    Now one of (my) cronies present is a DJ (although I really don’t like DJs, actually) so naturally the conversation wends its way towards the topic of music.

    At some point the kid starts gushing about maybe some new song by ‘Moby’ or ‘Phish’ or whomever, and he’s all jubilant and over-awed that the song is [perhaps] as long as eleven minutes.

    This is not a story about a barfight, in case that’s what you were assuming. The point of the story is simply this: hearing his remarks, I very lazily–out of the side of my mouth–mention something of this general thrust:

    “Eleven minutes? Harrumph. That’s no big deal. Genesis did ‘Supper’s Ready’ at 23 minutes; and Floyd’s “Echoes” is up there too..”

    And conversation goes on as usual but out of the corner of my eye I become aware that the kid has a totally blank look on his face.

    So I turn to him and repeat, just for clarity or in case he misheard / didn’t hear me.
    “Pink Floyd. Echoes. You know…Echoes..”

    Still blank. He shakes his head, kinda shrugs.

    And now I am sure (at that point) that it was me who had the blank look; because I couldn’t friggin’ believe it.

    I look him dead straight in the eye and clearly enunciate, “Pink Floyd. Echoes. Meddle…”

    STILL nothing.

    My last try: “Pink FLOYD….I know you’ve heard of FLOYD–”

    And then I had to turn away because I just didn’t want to see that glazed-eye mackerel look to remain plastered all over his silly mug if that’s what he was gonna exhibit to me any further. My god.

    Meh! I don’t give anyone any excuses or cop-outs for the time-period when they matured; if it happened to have come after the heyday of Floyd. If you’re a music fan at all, you have to know your basic music history. You have to know your pioneers; you have to know “how” the music you’re listening to (whatever music style that is) even gets to your ears. I guess I’m saying that you have to know where things in this world come from. Music just doesn’t drop out of the sky into your earbuds.

    Seriously. Ignorance is no excuse. When I myself was an adolescent I lived, breathed, ate, and slept hard rock…but I still knew basic music history; I knew the developmental stages of our western civilization. I knew about swing bands and du-wop groups and and jazz and symphony music. I knew who Beethoven, Brahms, and Bach were. Not to even be mildly aware as to what Pink Floyd is…unfathomable! It is really the dizzy limit.

    • Wow, you sound like a real charmer. Here’s a young guy, obviously enthusiastic about music, and you had a nice opening to turn him on to Pink Floyd. Instead you chose to mock. On second thought, the young man is probably better off for not getting dragged into conversation with you. I’m not sure why you felt the need to share this here.

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