bd209From time to time I get requests for old shows… I’m talking about from ten years ago, old.  I explain a little more in the podcast.  So for this one, I recreated one of the first (or 2nd or 3rd) Brain Damage episodes.  Even the delivery I give is very reminiscent to how I did it
way back then.  Lots of long songs to chill to for this one because it was intended for late night radio.  Here’s the playlist and here’s the original playlist (it’s gotten a little messed up since).  Enjoy and if you do, please donate.

17 thoughts on “Throwback

  1. First time listening. Must say i love this podcast. I am a huge Floyd fan myself and love hearing the old and/or rare stuff. I have a huge collection of different bootlegs. If you need anything, just let me know.

  2. Great stuff, thanks Doc.

    This reinforced the reminiscing, and got me all nostalgic. The Opening Bell sent me way back too – not since ’87 have I played “New Floyd” more than “Old” – young again!

    And now going back through all your back catalogue of podcast gems – currently on, so good.

    Cheers, and hearty thanks, from this side of the water.

    + while we’re on the covers, only two I can’t work are the very top and very bottom, please someone work out what they are, I won’t sleep til I know.

  3. looks like a collection of great dance songs, i still have a copy. Very strange reworking of money if my memory is correct

  4. Ace photo Doc, is that your vinyl stack? If so what’s between Relics and AHM? Don’t recognize that title fragment.
    Can’t wait to listen!

  5. thanks again a lot for the work, your podcasts go along with me while I do repairing homework in ly big garage or on the way to job

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