Soundtracks (part 1) Take Two

Show #81 Release date: 30. March, 2007

Pink Floyd were no strangers to film soundtracks especially in their early years during the height of artistic, mind expanding expression.  Directors knew without a doubt that Floyd’s music evoked just the right mood that helped move a story along as well as set the pace of any given scene.  For this first installment we’ll listen to Floyd’s early film material.  Here’s the playlist.

2 thoughts on “Soundtracks (part 1) Take Two

  1. Question: what did DJ’s in the early seventies do with the Floyd albums upon which most of the tracks were long, extended pieces? Were FM stations even back then, ever allowed to play such dreamy, meandering pieces? Were they restricted (by their station managers) to playing short tracks like ‘Seamus’ or ‘San Tropez’ or ‘Fat Old Sun’?

    • Radio stations and DJs back in that time had a lot more freedom to play with they wanted in a free-form style format so time constraints weren’t really much of an issue on air.

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