Here it is… the first full length podcast since October.  For this one, we say good riddance to 2012.  Its been one kick in the balls after another.

I’ve decided playlists will no longer be “visibly” posted however the playlist is available here (opens in a separate window).

Thank you for your support and patience over the year, especially over the past three months.  Things are slowly returning to normal.  Happy new year, I hope…


for Katherine… you’ll be sorely missed.

photo: O Caritas

44 thoughts on “Rearview

  1. Well done Doc;
    Only just back online to find you once again, after, like you, various losses from a pretty miserable -12:
    on a brighter, coincidental note, in my last local rad show* – also a tribute to loss – I also selected the (now legal!) live Gig track as part of it=’great minds think alike’, perhaps, huh?
    Soon as the associated finances recover, promise I’ll be contributing again.
    All good regards
    * Yep, ‘lost’ that, too :-(!

  2. Dear Doctor

    it seems that we had a hard year too. I should like to express my deepest condolences to your losses. Thank you for all your efforts that keeps alive the pink floyd flame in our hearts. Regards


  3. Wishin’ you a wonderful and prosperous new year my friend. Just wanted to say thanks for all you do Doc. My family and all my f/b buddies wish you a happy and prosperous new year. May 2013 shower you with great vibes and many blessings. I’ve listened to your podcasts for many years and you’ve never fail to please. Fun, professional, and always enjoyable…Shine On Doc.

  4. I like to walk while listening to music. Today I heard your podcast Rearview and really enjoyed it. Congratulations and thank you! Fabiano / Brazil.

  5. Great to hear from you again Doc. Sorry that 2012 was such a rough year for you and I really hope that 2013 is a whole lot better.

    • Hello jubrand,
      Yes there is a new link (rss feed) you’ll need to subscribe to in iTunes. In the latest version of iTunes ( click the “file”, from the drop down menu select “subscribe to podcast”. Copy and paste the following URL into the URL space provided and enjoy.

      Alternately, you can click on “download” under each post on and import them into iTunes manually. I hope this helps and thank you for listening.


  6. what a comeback! awesome from beginning to end. have to say it again, love your comments, always, gives the whole thing even more soul than it already got! cheers, bernhard

  7. wow doc, just an incredible podcast! yOU NAILED IT! Great feeling put into it. I started the new year with a cold, my girl died in 2012, i worked new years, and my friends dad passed on new years eve. i soooooo feel this podcast, trust me. Great ending ,with “2 suns in the sunset”. loved it! it gives hope actually for the future!
    the end of this podcast reminds me of the floyd show ,that i just saw, in bb kings in nyc, the other day. Joe, the lead singer and lead guitarist, is leaving the band, for new things, after about 30 years, playing ,in the band “the machine” Joe ended the night with “Goodbye cruel world” . i know he didnt mean that ,dead on, but it was a great goodbye song, just like “two suns in the sunset” ,its a meaning about ,moving on, and really enjoying life ,after a great run!
    Doc , i am sooooo damn glad that you are here. sorry for your year last year in ,2012. It WILL get better! it always does!. thankyou for this podcast and it does mean alot to many people. thankyou for your new websight, thankyou for this wonderful music, that you always put together, thankyou for the meaning behind them, thankyou for you skill, your incredible knowlegde of pink floyd, thankyou for making a live floyd song, sound listenable, when the original quality stinks, thankyou for the magic, that you ,give all of us ,every month! Doc, basically put, YOU ARE THE MAN! THIS YEAR, 2013, IS GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR ,FOR ALL OF US! THANKYOU dOC, FOR YOU! CHEERS! (THE SOUND OF 2 BEERS CLINCKING AGAINST EACH OTHER, FOR WISHES OF ,A GREAT NEW YEAR)

  8. Great to hear you back in shape again, Doc. Nice set, esp. the CWTAE from Pompeii. Interesting to hear that out of context (without the visuals). Coincidentally, had just heard the Oakland 77 version again recently, so the two versions were a nice contrast. esp. from this vantage point in time. As always, thanks for all you do! May 2013 find you back on top, where you belong!

  9. Thanks, Doc!

    So glad you’re back in the saddle again. Hope you’re feeling well, and very much looking forward to listening to the new ‘cast. In every way, 2012 has been a pain of a year. Moving forward, hopefully, will be nothing but good things.

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