Rattle That Lock, Toronto

You recall the podcast from November, well it’s now David Gilmour’s turn at the Air Canada Centre!  Our friend Terry, who recorded Roger’s gig there also captured David’s first visit to Toronto in 10 years.  This time Terry (and his friend) provided me their master, high res audio so I could do my magic.  For this podcast, its a matrix recording from David’s first night in “Hollywood North.”  Hope you enjoy!  Here’s the playlist.  Image thanks to Ken Murphy.

15 thoughts on “Rattle That Lock, Toronto

  1. was totally confused at hearing RLH after sorrow, after 2 months of hearing every single 1994 show in sequential order. forgot that the Gilmour shows were a bit different. weird. thnx Doc

  2. I was at this show! Thank you for the share! I’m recently finding your FloydCast through a mutual friend. They’re great! I can’t believe I’ve missed this for the last 15 years!

  3. Hi Matt, siempre vuelvo a escuchar el podcast 42 (worst moments) cuándo vas a publicar otro trabajo así como cuando David Gilmour empieza tarde a cantar en Venecia en el tema Wish you were here? Gracias Matt, siempre muy buenos tus trabajos…

  4. Obviously, sucks to lose a job… but sincerely hope this is a beginning of something new and positive for you. Thank you so much for another great post. All the best from a Polish fan of PF and David Gilmour of some 40 years 🙂

  5. Good luck finding another gig. Wish you the best! Great show, thanks for posting. And a very special thank you for the hidden RUSH tracks. Long Live THE PROFESSOR!!!

  6. Thank you so much for posting this. I was at this concert, it was a birthday present from my wife. My first time seeing Gilmour live. It was amazing! So glad to have a recording of it!

  7. I too am very sorry to hear about your job… I hope you find a new one soon!

    On a happier note, the live version of ‘Fat old sun’ remains one of the highest cultural achievements of mankind.

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