Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets

Most of you have already seen or listened to some of Nick’s recent gigs but not all doctored up in a nice podcast like this.  If you haven’t heard any of it yet, you’re in for a real treat!  As I listen, I close my eyes and imagine this is the closest thing to what it must of been like to hear/see Pink Floyd in 1967.  Those of you who went, were incredibly fortunate. I wish I was there.  Here’s the playlist.  Enjoy!  Photo: Peter Chow

35 thoughts on “Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets

  1. Per rolling stone

    He tours England and Europe with his Saucerful of Secrets in September and expects to bring the group to America in 2019.

    • Seeing them at the Beacon tomorrow; 4/18/2019
      Birthday show for me
      cant wait. busted out Gilmour (w R Wright) 4/4/06′ @ Radio City Music Hall; listening to thier cover of Syd’s Dominoes… what a treat! Cant wait… shit in fact I should prolly get to bed here soon (after I listen / download this podcast of course!)

  2. please please please come to Canada…specifically Hamilton place…perfect venue nick..and it gives you time to grow the stache !!!!…what a dream that would be..sigh

  3. Funny how one of the members of Saucerful said the Floyd never played “See Emily Play” live. It’s one of the selections from the Stockholm ‘67 set on Cambridge St/ation.
    Eh. They’re musicians, not historians.

  4. When I think back to when I saw a early version of the internet my main thought was what if you could listen to rare floyd….still the best thing on the webmn.thankful

  5. It literally brought tears to my eyes to hear this unusual selection. Amazing concert. Thank you doctor.

  6. Great sounding show, good job Matt!
    I would love to get some insight to the process and hear some before and after previews 🙂
    And I can’t wait to see the band in in Denmark in September from first row and dead center 😉

  7. Single sweetest show ever played by a solo Floyd. So great that it happens to be Nick. He’s going to need to add some new chapters to his book.

  8. Cool to hear it from ‘out front’. I must say I never thought I’d ever be featured on one of your podcasts.
    Has anyone noticed my quote from The Who’s Sparks from Tommy in Interstellar?
    We are really looking forward to September.

    • Fantastic to hear from you Lee! You and the band sounded amazing and captured the early Pink Floyd sound remarkably well. Hopefully I can cross the pond for a gig. Any real chance for a tour in North America?

    • I also heard a bit of The Embryo snuck in there? The sheer fidelity to the mad spirit of it all, along with the scope you give yourselves to do your own thing, is wondrous to hear.

      • Indeed I did quote The Embryo very briefly!
        Thanks Mike. The last thing we or Nick would want is to have to replicate note for note. It’s more about the moment.

  9. Great set, great sound, and it is nice to have some lighter banter and proper jokes between some numbers. There are a few more long forgotten Pink Floyd rarities that could do with a robust treatment in being played live. What I don’t get is why the band did not get called ‘Nick Mason’s Relics’…..

  10. My god, what a set!
    Fearless, Obscured by Clouds, Lucifer Sam, Let There be More Light, Point Me at the Sky…
    I hope Nick eventually brings this set to the states (and regrows that sweet biker mustache, too).

  11. Absolutely excellent – enjoyed listening to it whilst soaking up the sunshine in my garden. Can’t wait for the Roadhouse on 24 September, Hyde Park first though. Duncan – England

  12. Thanks Doc! you made my day. such a great concert. such an awfuly great idea of the great Nick to come out and play some music.
    i will see him in september in Hamburg and cannot wait for THAT, but i enjoy waiting for him, more than for Rog, who played two weeks ago. i really hope you have the chance to see Nick in the States or even in Europe. Thanks Doc. Thanks.

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