18 thoughts on “Game On

  1. Oh man! I can’t wait. I return often to your website. Mainly to hear the concert I attended in ’94 in New Orleans, The Superdome and for the ’74 shows featuring SOYCD (Parts 1-9) as one song. I’m sure you’ll have some great content lined up for us. It’s been a rough couple of months, for us fans of Floyd and you. Thanks for all you do.

  2. I’m delighted to hear progress has been made. I trust (or hope) that good sense has prevailed. The bean counters that usually make these decision need to understand that, far from detracting from it, what you do Doc builds the brand and adds value to it. It’s such a shame that you had to go through such a bruising experience.

  3. Doc,
    Hoping that this means an agreement has been reached, and although October 23 sounds so far away, I hope that this means a return to your monthly care package for Floyd fans. For those who may have discovered Brain Damage Floyd podcast too late or want to complete their offline collection, there are resources on the web for accessing what is no longer available in 2023. I don’t want to endanger those resources by naming them here.

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