Faces of Stone

I’m not going to say what this  is but most of you have been waiting very patiently for this one. I’m not even going to post a playlist here. Google is your friend. Please enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Faces of Stone

  1. Great show. I can’t wait to see this on Blu-ray in the near future. If Live in Gdansk is any indicator then it should be awesome.

  2. Thanks for this, The sound is fantastic. Just one question. What is it people have to talk about while an artist is playing? What is so important that you MUST say it right now so that the performance must be marred by your babbling. It has always boggled my mind. You get to witness this incredible, historic, exclusive event in an amazing, magical location and your response is to start blathering on top of the music. People is the strangest animals.

    • i was at this show (both nights)

      The Italian audience was the worst I have ever seen, no respect for the artist , the venue or their fallow audience members

  3. …shame they couldn’t fill out the amphiteatre seating to fully utilise the site as originally intended!..cool production, regardless; i look forward to watching the eventual film…

  4. Thank again for all these shows!
    I wish I’ld be more able to donate, but I try my best.
    Thanks again for the happiness you give

  5. I get why you named this podcast FoS, but for me it fits even more perfect than the reference to the venue and its surroundings. That song (along with “A Boat…” is my absolute favorite from RTL. I know many holds Faces of Stone as the best one, but the fact that David wrote all of this in reference to his mother and her aging hits me in all the right spots. When the guitar cries out in all the loss, the sorrow and the grief – man, that just kills me. Every time. Being in Italy with my brother and experiencing that was one of the absolute highlights of last year. Classic DG in so many ways.

    Thank you for this, Doc.

  6. Great to check out another new podcast, Doc! Just to leave my gratitude before listening to this mysterious podcast. Thank you so much!

  7. Hi Doc, glad to see that you did not put up a set list, I know it is a common courtesy to the listener to do so, and also a badge of almost-pride for you that you selected the songs and the sequence that they were played in, but the surprise of having to listen not knowing is a definite pleasure in addition the pleasure of the music itself.

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