Yet Another Mix 3.0

Here’s a fun, cool, old school mix! There is one thing in common with all the songs! Try to guess what it is. If you figure it out, leave a comment saying “I know it!” Don’t give it away! Here’s the playlist!

27 thoughts on “Yet Another Mix 3.0

  1. I really like how you stayed away from the obvious references to the theme that could’ve been made from all over a certain well-known album from their catalog. Great playlist!

  2. I think I got it too. How do I find out if I got it without giving it away in the comments?

    BTW, Matt,
    Great to see you at the Boston meetup!!!


  3. “I know it!” Went to see Roger in SF last weekend, first time seeing him, it was so wonderful. And, I’m working through the Brain Damage back catalog, one by one. What a resource. You absolutely rule, Doc. Sent my end of year donation early this year. Hang in there, hope things turn around.

  4. I like how you mixed some of the Echoes “bonus material” into this rendition of Echoes. It’s sweet and this bit around 39 minutes into the stream really creates a sense of longing and possibility. This music is so special. We are blessed to be able to experience it. I’m only ~40 minutes into the stream and am still trying to find the theme or common thread to the songs. I thought it might have something to do with “light”, but now I’m not so sure. Anyway… thanks for posting this!

  5. The Echoes version is the same as the “Echoes” Podcast (June 2014) or it has some improvements? it sounds so great, thank you, Doctor!

  6. Hello! I’m new to the podcast and I was just curious where you got this extended version of Echoes. It’s fantastic! I looked around and couldn’t find anything. Is it official?

    • Hey Peter! Welcome to the podcast! I mixed it. I added “Nothing part 14” to the normal studio track. It’s exclusive to the podcast. I do stuff like that sometimes to keep it interesting. Glad you liked.

    • The best version of high hopes you’ll ever find was also mixed by the Doc, Although you’ll have to find it because I can’t remember where is lives.

      • Hi Peter, hi Maff, that’s one of the reasons why I usually donate something. Thanks Doc.
        Regards from Hannover (Germany)

  7. Thank you so much Matt. Omg this sounds great. I didn’t listen to the whole thing but I’ll be enjoying this on my drive to abd from work tomorrow. I can’t wait. I don’t know the answer yet though lol. All I know is that this podcast is wonderful. Thank you again on putting this together and how very talented that you truly are.

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