Brain Damage, the definitive Pink Floyd radio show enters it’s 13th year with a great concert from Floyd’s 1973 Dark Side of The Moon North American Tour.  Live from the Maple Leaf in Toronto Canada eh.  All doctored up as best I can. Please leave your comments.  Thanks for listening and a BIG THANK YOU to those who made it possible for me to do what I do. Here’s the playlist.

17 thoughts on “Yeeshkul!

  1. This takes me back 40 + years when I first saw them perform this live absolutely brain damage dark room and headphones and a little relaxer greatest show in the universe

  2. The second and final time I saw Pink Floyd live was June 24, 1973, in Cuyahoga Falls at Blossom Music Center. The first, of course, was the 11/6/71 Emerson Gymnasium performance. Almost the same setlist –
    Obscured by Clouds
    When You’re In
    Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
    Careful With That Axe, Eugene
    The second set was DSOTM and the same as this show. Blossom is the Summer home of the Cleveland Orchestra with both pavilion seating and lawn seating. After the parking nightmare (a thousand cars and one small road between the freeway and the venue) The sun is sinking as we walked from parking through the beautiful wooded setting to the amphitheater. I could see there were 2 large Semi-truck trailers sporting the Prism/Spectrum design on their sides parked off to the side of the venue as we descended the sloping lawn. to our seats in the pavilion. The performance was superb and the special effects were, well, special. Flames jetted out around the frame of the gong during Set the Controls, The giant mirrored ball set to spinning and hit with yellow spots sent round golden coins of light spinning across the crowd during Money. Raised on its pneumatic stand to the top of the venue the mirrored ball was shining yellow during Brain Damage and a plume of smoke puffed out around it. On the final line of Eclipse, the spot on the ball changed to brilliant white and there on the cloud behind it was the shadow and ring of a solar eclipse. Wow!. I think the next time Pink Floyd rolled through Cleveland was for a World Series of Rock 1977 In The Flesh Tour at Cleveland Stadium. I did not attend. I went to live shows for the music and not the PARTY and the Stadium shows were over the top partying. Contrasting my memory of the Blossom show and this one there is a boomy ambiance inherent in Stadium venues that is evident even in this excellently cleaned recording. My level of crowd anxiety and particularly out of control drunks anxiety prevented me from attending stadium concerts. Thank you again for the great Floydian podcasts and the amazingness!

  3. Interesting to see that the March 11 date already shows Childhood’s End dropped from the first set. I had seen the March 8 show in Cincinnati, and we were blessed with a longer show that included that song along with all the other tracks you listed here. That song made the show about 10 minutes longer. I wonder they stopped doing it? It was a very good arrangement, which has turned up in some recordings, of course.

  4. Great to hear only the 7th outing of the recently completed DS and interesting to revel in its nuances of being performed, where for instance the Travel Sequence – finalised only weeks before in the January and last recording sessions – still has something of free jam feel about it (at least over the top of the main rhythm), whilst the rest of the piece is fairly complete with all sound effects. Very good as always Doc, many thanks. TC

  5. Another fantastic podcast Doc!!
    Your podcasts get me through so many long nights at work.
    Thank you so much for all you do!!

    Take care Doc! And hope the ear is on the mend!!

  6. Never have I wished that I was older than I do when listening to this. Man, if one hade the opportunity to discover Pink Floyd int hose days and to experience these kind of things. You and your shows are the second best thing to that, and am so glad that you decided to keep on going. We just moved house before the new year but when things have settled I will look into increasing my monthly donations.

    This is a classic show that I have been waiting for, thanks indeed,

  7. Thankyou Matt soo much! Man you’re work is always impeccable. I just want to thankyou, for all the years that you have given us, goose bumps, down our spines for all these wonderful podcasts. Even when you are sick, you are manage to be so Darn dedicated, to you’re special group of listeners.
    I can’t say enough ,how i apprieciate what you do for all of us, and search down such wonderful concerts, that believe me, pink Floyd fans appreciate so much, young and old!
    Im listening to this podcast, and imagining. Being there. This is def putting me into a different place right now. The quality is so Damn awesome! Thankyou again Matt!

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