From the 2016 European Capital of Culture, Wroclaw Poland, live from Freedom Square, in front of the National Forum of Music, Mr. Gilmour kicks off the 4th leg of his Rattle That Lock Tour, 25th June 2016.  Joined by Polish jazz pianist  Leszek Możdżer, and the NFM Filharmonia Wrocławska Orchestra conducted by Zbigniew Preisner.  Here’s the playlist Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Wroclaw

  1. Doc,
    Thank you so much for your effort over the years. MUCH appreciated!

    Could you please correct the names of Polish artists that took part in the concert? 😉

    Leszek Możdżer
    Zbigniew Preisner

    Also, Orchestra (not Orchestram).

    Greetings form Poland!

    • Hi Tomasz! Thank you for the kind words and for the correction. I got those spellings from a Polish website. Anyway… all corrected!

  2. Thanks for all your work, doc! This one sounded like David may have been suffering a cold or something, though, since his voice was a bit off, especially towards the end.

  3. This reminds of the shows I saw on the tour, I had almost forgot how great it was. Also, this was the tour that brought me to finally meet you, a treat in itself.
    Thanks for the shot, Doc!

  4. Hi Doc

    Great stuff thanks many thanks for getting this out I did notice after Coming Back to Life you missed adding On an Island which is the next track. It was a nice surprise !

    Have a great night best wishes from Canada!

  5. thanks for this. shall be having a listen especially next week when im traveling to Poland to see family. would you in the future do the Gdansk one from 2006

  6. Looking forward to this one. Really enjoyed this tour, hard to believe this show was almost 2 years ago already.

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