Work In Progress (the extraction tapes)

170116.pngOne of the most often asked questions I get is, “Do you have any Wish You Were Here or Animals demo or outtakes”?  Well, the answer is still unfortunately no, but I do have these unbelievable alternate, early studio mixes.  These surfaced earlier this month and they spread across the Internet like wildfire.  Nowhere else can you hear it remastered than right here. Enjoy and please leave a comment!

32 thoughts on “Work In Progress (the extraction tapes)

  1. Hearing the very earliest Waters’ version of ‘Welcome to the Machine’ is mind-blowing. On the album release, this song makes for (what I feel) is the weakest part of the disc. It just doesn’t draw you in; it sounds over-produced and off-putting. Heavy-handed. Even a little boring in its constant repetition of chord; without even the slightest variation. I would always skip over it whenever listening to the WYWH Lp. But the more simple ‘demo tape’ version of the song is just astounding. Far more resonant, warm, creepy, reedy, atmospheric, and evocative. Artistry streaming off it in waves. I could listen to it repeatedly without tiring. What a revelation.

  2. Great show! Been curious about these extraction tapes since they’ve been making the rounds. Surprised that the One Of These Days demos didn’t make it. I’ve heard that those recordings’ authenticity is dubious. Any thoughts?

  3. Hi Doc,
    Great stuff as always!
    Where can I find the other alternate studio tapes from Momentary Lapse, The Wall and Dark Side? I think you mentioned in this podcast, but can’t seem to find.

    You have one of the BEST DJ voices on all the radio/internet waves, btw!

  4. I do not know how I have missed this, but I just discovered your podcast and this being the first episode I listened to, I now know that I have to listen through the entire back catalouge. What a ride it will be! Been a Floyd fan more or less my life, it is great to find new things that I have not heard before. You never grow too old for this!
    Alright, let’s do this…

    • Full circle! More than seven years ago since my first comment above and me discovering this amazing treasure. Been listening tho everything from the beginning and this week I caught up with where I started. I have now listened to every episode (and then some) and cannot express my thanks enough. I hope to meet you again sometime on a tour somewhere.

      In the meantime, I will keep on donating to help this gem of a podcast stay on the air!

  5. Doc. It’s been a while. In the interim I’ve lost my job, my house & my partner. BUT. This podcast of WYWH & A is just stunning! Thank you so much for continuing to bring us the best of Pink Floyd. The organ work of Rick is just sublime on this – a truly under-rated genius. And thanks for the pre-release version of two of my favourite albums.

      • No worries. I never signed up for Facebook but have been using G+ for about a year.

        BTW, nice job on the Snowy White bridge. I drove around with that 8-track in my Buick Skylark in high school. Did you have to lean up the slowed-down version that’s been floating around or did you find a better version?

  6. 100% improvement. I don’t think you could have done any better if you had waited for a digital copy. Great in home, car and headphones. Also loved having WYWH and Pigs on the Wing 8 track added to make a complete album experience.

  7. Sounds excellent. It’s interesting to hear the progression of some of these tracks. Maybe it’s the 30-whatever years of hearing it, but I think they got the right version of Dogs on the album. I love the angry guitar sound David laid on that version. The angst isn’t quite there on this one, IMO.

    • Playlists are embedded in the metadata for each podcast. I didn’t include it on the site because I thought was pretty obvious. It’s posted now. 🙂

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