Wish They Were Here

Show #136 Release date: 30. June, 2009

Thank you so much for all the kind words.  My hearing is about 80% better.  It’s nice to hear somewhat in stereo again.  Now, while I’m still on the mend, here’s a neat little surprise I have for you.  I’m amazed that as soon as I step down for a brief moment, someone is ready to step up.  Brain Damaged listener, Luke of Cardiff, Wales put together something nifty I think you might like.

Luke writes…
“I’m just finishing up a Pink Floyd mix I guess you’d call it…it’s like an album length mix of songs, sounds, and other Floyd related stuff.  It’s called Wish They Were Here: An Assorted Piece For Pink Floyd Lunatics. Don’t know whether you’d be interested in hearing it?  I’ve looked through the archive and don’t think you ever feature mixes or anything like that sent in or anything, but maybe it would be possible to give it a shout-out if people want to listen? I mainly made it for myself but would be cool if some other fans could enjoy it too”.

Luke goes on to say, “It’s just over 60 minutes, and has a few vague themes to it. Syd, being one of them. It’s not even particularly a mix featuring all my favorite songs so much as songs that I really like that seemed to fit to make an interesting hour. Hope you have the time to check it out man, and maybe even mention it on your show if you like it”.

Luke, you did a nice job, so many thanks for this!  I’m sure it will be enjoyed by thousands and fetch many comments.

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