Where There’s Muck There’s Brass

Show #69 Release date: 29. September, 2006

Wow, three podcasts this month.  Lucky you.  For this podcast we visit The Palace Theater in Waterbury Connecticut* 18. March 1973.  The sound quality was rather mucky before I polished it up as best I could.  I had to locate more than one source and even take clips from other shows to fill in some gaps.  It’s an “off the beaten path” location for a Pink Floyd gig.  Why not Hartford?  Anyway, this podcast will be last to feature a Dark Side of The Moon set for a while.  Hope you dig!

*March 7 2010:  UPDATE!!!  Its quite possible this recording is actually from Radio City Music Hall.  That show didn’t start until 1:30am on the 18th.

Tribute band The Pink Floyd Experience will be performing at the Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT, Saturday, 10. February 2007 at 7pm (just happens to be on my birthday so I’ll see you there)

1 thought on “Where There’s Muck There’s Brass

  1. I can understand confusion about if this show is actually from Palace theater in Waterbury – or Radio City in NYC. Those shows were right next to each other on the calendar and of course just after DSOTM was released. As to why PF would play Waterbury instead of Hartford or New Haven? The Palace had yet to be renovated / restored – but it’s always been considered the jewel of all theaters in the whole state – it just happens to be in Waterbury. The intimate, ornate setting might have made the perfect place to film the band performing their new masterpiece.

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