Watching The World Upon The Wall

This edition of Brain Damage features Roger’s second to last gig with Pink Floyd before he left the band and it’s the first time I’ve featured a Wall concert from 1981, 16th of June to be exact.  Not sure what took me so long but this recording is excellent and perhaps the best from Earl’s Court.  Its all been doctored up to sound the best it can.  If you already have this recording, feel free to compare.  I think you’ll be pleased.  Hope you enjoy and if you do, please consider a small donation, thank you!  The playlist is fairly obvious but HERE it is anyway.  We start things off, however with Roger singing Wish You Were Here in London last week.  As always, thank you for the download.

9 thoughts on “Watching The World Upon The Wall

  1. Hello Doc. Superb Wall show man!! I’m just pissed off that the Early Years collection does feature a “Continuation” volume with material chopped from where it should be on their respective chronological place. I suppose that pieces of music sound much better that the unreleased versions we have listened to over the years.
    Could you please feature them on future shows???
    Why didn’t they issued a cheaper version of the boxset without the books, singles, etc?? just the cds no dvd, but the whole music……


  2. Thank you for this one Doc, I had found myself unable to engage with the studio recording of The Wall, the live version gave me fresh ears to hear with, particularly Rick’s parts which opened out the playing quite a lot….

  3. My God, this album is a f*cking masterpiece, it’s been too long since I’ve listnened to it, thanks for bringing this to the surface once more!

    Also, your small, almost unnoticable comment on DG/RW in the beginning was very refreshing.


  4. I hope I’m not the only one who remembers that the title of this podcast is the same as the title of an article about the release of Is There Anybody Out there, the Wall Live.

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