War Torn

Not sure where to begin…
It’s been a bad month. Lost a friend. Lost a job. Could be worse and it’s nothing compared to what the people of Ukraine are dealing with or any other victim of a war torn place. My heart goes out to them. This podcast is for them. Here’s the playlist.

Here’s a few links if you want to help out.
Ukrainian Red Cross Society
Doctors Without Borders
World Central Kitchen

Thanks: Pink Floyd Collectors
Dedicated to Jon A.

13 thoughts on “War Torn

  1. Hey Doc, somewhat on the topic of War Torn PF – The Final Cut (The Post Wall Dream). Not sure if this has been one of the few possible plans – an assembly cut of live tracks from TFC? There’s probably quite a few live spare bricks lying around now, albeit from a variety of performances and other bands. Tho’ there might be a few holes left requiring some patchwork from demos and comparable pieces borrowed from other structures? Although I had a big hallucination, prepared to make it, never had the nerve to make The Final Cut live. Would you send me packing or would you take this on? 😉

      • I had been looking for something like that but mainly the first side of the album (minus gunner dream) has not been played much live. The second side has more live versions.

  2. Hey Doc, there is such good material in your Podcast, really amazing! I guess I’m not the first one to ask but… is there any way to download a single song within the playlist? I guess that maybe there are some copyright issues there, but it would be so cool to have some of the exclusive versions you post alongside my other pink Floyd playlist. Anyway, I’m really enjoying each episdoe. Thanks!

  3. Hang in there, Doc.
    “Each small candle lights a corner of the dark”.
    Thank you very much for another excellent podcast!

  4. Hello Doc!! Hago pregunta insólita, hace mucho que busco el concierto de los genios de Cambridge y no encuentro el del 2 de abril de 1994 de San Antonio, Texas… me podrás pasar alguna info??????? Gracias Matt!!!!!

  5. Am only downloading podcast now, so haven’t heard details yet, but I’m sorry to read you’ve lost a job. As a teacher I’m not in a position to hire you, otherwise I would’ve done so :-), but at any rate: good luck in finding a new job – you deserve one!

  6. Hi Doc, you‘re so right. The suffering in the world is almost unbearable. „Doctors without Borders“ got my donation monthly since years. You got my donation because we can only survive if we also appreciate beauty like music, like Pink Floyd. May every listener also donate to you and (!) donate to Ukrainian Red Cross Society, Doctors without Borders, World Central Kitchen. Thank you for your call of donations, thank you for your podcast.
    Regards from Hannover

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