War Games

It’s more fun if you go straight to the podcast and listen.  See if you can put it together without reading this description.  If you want it all explained, then keep reading.  This podcast was a difficult one to put together.  I could of gone in so many different directions with songs that mentioned guns, knives and bombs.  Instead it became militaristic with “a hint” of war in the air.  It was after all a huge part of Pink Floyd’s music, given the effects it had on Roger and growing up in post WWII UK.  Sit in your bunker and enjoy!  Here’s the playlist.

8 thoughts on “War Games

  1. This is right up there in your top 5 Matt. Some gobsmacking transitions (Blue Sky!) and a great emotional flow. I was moved by this.

  2. This was a somber one, and it could have been much longer, have you wanted it to be, I guess. I really appreciated the bit at the end, I actually hadn’t heard that before.


  3. Excellent poignant playlist considering the date, I’m sure aware of
    Second LieutenantWATERS, ERIC FLETCHER
    Service Number 292975
    Died 18/02/1944
    Aged 29
    8th Bn.
    Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

    Also The Gunners Dream has a special significance for me. It was my friends favourite Floyd song, he served during the Falklands conflict in the Army, I was in the navy, he took his own life 10 years after the Falklands. On the upside I saw The Pros and Cons at Earls Court, Clapton on guitar. The best 21st birthday a boy could ask for. Thank you.

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