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Lots of fun at Roger’s rehearsal last night at the Meadowlands.  You can find all about his Us+Them 2017 tour, beginning is Kansas City later this week on Friday 5/26 and ending in Vancouver on 10/28. Roger Waters Us + Them Tour.

Other shows I’ll be attending are:
– 7/18 Greensboro, N.C.
– 9/11 Brooklyn, N.Y.
– 9/27 & 9/28 Boston, MA

Twenty-four hours later, here I am posting this special episode for your enjoyment.  Here’s the playlist  Please be sure to comment below,

30 thoughts on “Us + Them

  1. …saw the show twice last week; wonderful to listen this afternoon retrospectively and recreate the visceral experience in my imagination…

    …thanks for putting this one up!..

  2. **Spoilers Don’t Read If You’re Looking To Be Surprised**

    Doc, thanks so much for this recording, it’s killer!

    When I saw the closing 5 songs, I had the same feeling that most everyone else here had. But I thought that the extended Eclipse was great, and the acoustic Vera/Bring The Boys was fantastic. I was really dreading that encore but it actually really changed it up. One of These Days is awesome, and Pigs (Three Different Ones) hasn’t been played in almost 30 years! Dogs coming back is nice. You can throw together a (nearly) full version of Animals now if you juxtapose it with Sheep from the DSoM tour.

    Brick Part II into Part III was a great first set closer.

    Agreed that it’s somewhat predictable, but definitely enough fresh stuff to warrant turning out for it.

    I’m surprised Crystal Clear Brooks and Fearless got the axe. Not sure what he was thinking there. Was also really impressed to hear how well Roger was singing despite that persistent cough which cropped up during all the banter.

    One last thought…it seems like a lot of people are alluding to the fact that this tour is somehow a “cash grab” for him. I can’t imagine why he would do that at this juncture, coming off The Wall being one of the highest grossing tours ever and DSoM before that. I don’t know the man but at this point I highly doubt he NEEDS the money. I do wonder if he feels obligated to play a lot of those songs because DG does as well, and he doesn’t want the AMLoR/Radio KAOS thing to happen again, where noone’s going to his shows because they are not Greatest Hits Nights. This is not the “Is This The Life We Really Want?” tour though. This is the Us + Them tour. Although I think most folks do agree he could have sprinkled in a few more surprises.

    Nevertheless, solid set, and thanks again Doc, glad the batteries held out!

    • As for Animals we have Pigs on the Wing 1 & 2 from Desert Trip, Dogs and PIgs from U&T, and Sheep from DSOTM Tour. Can easily put that album together.

      For Wish You Were Here we have SOYCD 1-9 on the 02 ITF Tour, any version of the title track, Cigar from DSOTM, and a couple WTTM to pick from.

      Obviously we have The Wall and DSOTM complete. So in recent years Roger has played four classic Floyd albums completely.

      Anyway, I have seen the show and thought it was terrific. I thought the new musicians were really good, especially Joey, Jess, Hollie, and Jonathan. However I do miss Andy Fairweather Low still.

      Would have been nice to get a few more deep cuts and less from the Wall. Brick 2 and 3, and Money easily could’ve been dropped. But the casual fans that fill the arenas love getting the hits.

      Great work Doc, hopefully some great recordings of the current tour make their way out!

  3. Merci Doc! Your amazing work is an incredible and serious contribution that is deeply appreciated. Shine on. Magnifique!


    I always see you at these shows.. I was there in new jersey arrived late to meetup.
    It was my birthday and I scored 2 tickets. THANKS AGAIN will treasure this recording.

  5. It was very enjoyable. New songs sounded great, too! Thanks, Doc.
    I was just hoping Roger would finally use this oportunity to introduce songs from Amused to Death. That’s a shame in my view. What God Wants I-III do have the discused message.
    PS: I might be the only who misses Graham Broad. This guy here is irritating for me. Sorry.

  6. I enjoyed Listeing to the rehearsal and thank you so much for sharing it with us. I also agree with you, if Mr Roger Waters would play some more of his solo released albums during his “Us and Them” tour. I wish him a successful and good luck in his tour.

  7. I’m sure the show will be great but dissapointing set list deep cuts..pretty much a greatest hits show ..not hating just saying 🙂

  8. will it be posted as saparated FLAC tracks on Yeeshkul? Thanks so much for this…im a great fan of your work from years

  9. i will try to NOT listen to it until 2018 (with roger hopefully coming to europe).
    but it will be hard!
    thank you doc!

  10. Thank you, Doc! Since we will be waiting for a while here in Europe, this is highly appreciated.

    You hit the nail on the head regarding you post show comments. I was just wondering if RW or DG would be the first to have the courage to drop Money (or even, dare I say it – C Numb) from the set. I liked the extended ending on Eclipse though, but as a whole, it felt a bit “sterile” if you get what I mean. But as you said, it was a rehearsal, surely they will loosen up along the way. Still, why not use more solo and/or other Floyd material such as Set the controls, Instellar overdrive or Fearless, we know i knows that one! 😉

  11. thank you! from the philippines . . . i really need to go back to seattle for this . . . saw several shows of the last tour including quebec . . .

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