Torn Into Bacon

Show #111 Release date: 17. May, 2008

Finally an end to 20 years of waiting for this rare concert recording to appear.  For this podcast we go back to May 6 1988, Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts.

It’s the standard set list but the band sounds tight and gives the crowd a great performance. The pig met an unfortunate end when it was grabbed by the audience and torn to shreds. Fortunately, the band kept a spare inflatable on hand.

Nick thinks we (because I was there) were “an overly-enthusiastic or fanatically vegan audience.”  David asked the crowd, “Did you enjoy your way with our pig?” He then adds, “I don’t know what the fuck happened to it… seems like a lack of discipline will get you torn into bacon around here.”

Doctored for supersound, enjoy!

1 thought on “Torn Into Bacon

  1. I was right under the pig- it got held up on the wire it was traveling on. No one from the crowd could
    Reach it at first so the mishap wasn’t caused by the crowd. The longer it was stuck the more it slowly started to deflate. They sent a guy out shimmying on the wire to free it. In the time it took him to get to it it’s deflation caused its feet to drop down low enough for the crowd to jump and touch. Then all he’ll broke loose. Still it would up greed and pulled in on the wire, not torn down, not destroyed.

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