Too Early For A Gig

Show #183, Release date: 24. March 2012

This is the second of the two concerts at the Super Pop ’70 VII, Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland, 22. November 1970.  This second performance, hastily added at 2.30pm, is entitled “Too Early For A Gig” (HRV CDR 037).  I’ve featured “this” few times before but Harvested recently released the most complete and accurate version to date.  There’s always been a little confusion over this recording but no longer.  For this podcast, Harvested Records founder RonToon is my guest and he sheds some light on this popular recording.

2 thoughts on “Too Early For A Gig

  1. Hi Doctor, I’m from Liverpool, England and I’ve been a lover of this top quality podcast for many years but have never sent a message to u. How dare i and how rude!! I bought an Lp in about 1987 ish called Atom Heart Mother Goes on the Road, The Paris Theatre June(?) 1971 which still is the best version of Fat Old Sun, Careful With That Axe Eugene and Embryo I’ve ever heard!! The keyboards on Fat Old Sun are truly outstanding!! I’m sure uve heard it before? I love ur attention to detail and i was wondering if u have a copy of The Maine Road concert in Manchester August 8, 1988? What a gig wow!!! Please don’t stop ur devoted podcast as we all I’m sure appreciate ur dedication and love of the band that is……..Pink Floyd, by the way…. which ones Pink? He deserves a Meddle and make sure to not have a Momentary lapse of reason otherwise ule see my Dark Side I’m an Animal anyway I’m just knocking down an old Wall so take care and speak soon, I’m sure there’s an Echo in here? Maybe there’s someone in my head that’s not me? Take care

    • Thanks Simon! I’ll see what I can do about The Maine Road concert in Manchester August 8, 1988. I am familiar with it. Also, in case you’re not aware, Atom Heart Mother Goes On The Road is BBC’s recording from Paris Cinema, London, 30. September, 1971 and you can find it in this podcast, BBC Sessions

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