Time Machine

timeLive from The Rainbow Theater in Finsbury Park, London.  This was the second of two shows on the 4th of November 1973.  This particular gig started at 9pm and was done to benefit former Soft Machine front-man Robert Wyatt who had broken his spine after falling from a third floor window during a party.

This was the last time Pink Floyd performed the same night with their friends, Soft Machine apart from Nick Mason who occasionally played drums for Robert Wyatt in solo projects, including Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports. This was also the last concert of 1973, before Pink Floyd’s 1974 French Tour and it was the last time material from Obscured By Clouds would be performed live.  It’s a great performance! Here’s the setlist.

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  1. Hi Doc! Here I quote from Wikipedia: “During the band’s 1974–1975 tour, David Gilmour played both pedal steel guitar and the Hammond organ, allowing Richard Wright to concentrate solely on piano (his keyboards were arranged where he couldn’t play both). Gilmour’s pedal steel for “Great Gig” was located accordingly beside Wright’s Hammond. ”
    Is it true?? Do you have any photo of those shows?
    And which recording is the official “live 1974” of Dark Side? I remember listening to one of them here but I can’t recall which.

    • Live? That’s not true at all. It could be true for studio recording sessions however. Wiki does not specify and Wiki is not the best source for information. David’s pedal steel was never placed next to or anywhere close to Richard’s gear. Richard and David were both on opposite ends of the stage. There are plenty of photos that show this.

      The official recording from 1974’s Dark Side tour is from Wembley Arena, November 14th-16th. Set one can be found in the Dark Side Immersion box, set 2 is in the Wish You were Here Immersion box and the Encore is in the latest Early Years box. You can listen to it here. http://floydpodcast.com/exposed-in-the-light/

  2. Doctor!
    A great show you’ve presented. It’s amazing to hear an attentive audience. By any chance, do you know how this show was recorded. Amazing to hear the panning which often gets lost in audience recording. Thanks you from an amateur Floydoligst

  3. The holidays are a time for giving!! I am a long time listener and fan of the site. I can not begin to tell everyone the joy that these have brought me. So I say this as a fan, I encourage all who love the passion, sweat, time and most of all love that the Doc puts into these podcasts to donate a little or a lot to keep the site going for many more years to come!! Also the swag shop is also a great place to pick up cool Floyd gifts for a fan in your life!!

  4. Hi Doc and Merry xmas when it comes,Great show and a great picture of a spiral clock. Do you have a link for the full picture

  5. Thanks for this pod doc! The time machine taks me back to the years I was young and here, in Argentina were some music stores “caves” where some vinyls were NOT IN SALE, and I looked those bootlegs through the glass and could not have them, this podcasts are almost a Time Revenge for me, again, Thanks Doc!

  6. ok..i wasnt gonna do this but here goes…can anyone email me the reason that one cast was banned by the mngmnt?..i know we cant talk about it on here but i reallly need to know cause the shit the doc plays is absolutely fucking mind blowing!..to the point that i cant believe im listening to it!..i mean seriously..pf in hamilton at ivor wynne…rw at the acc first night…i was there..this site kills…thank u soo much doc..and also..ranting now i know but stay with me for a sec…u have never dissed pf..made fun of..teased..anything..they even didnt have a prob with the bad pf shows..ie..spitting incident…weird..

    • Hummm. Well let’s just say that’s between me and PFM.

      When I can tell you is, I work in the radio industry so I know what it takes to make things happen. Also and very importanly, I pay exorbitant amounts of money in music licensing to BMI ASCAP is SESAC. That in turn goes towards paying Pink Floyd their royalties.

      I also like to assume they appreciate my transparency, quality and professional manner in which the podcast is presented.

  7. I have to say I liked “Nervana” quite a bit, and I didn’t care much for the Division Bell, so I’m not only glad they put this one out, I’m retroactively disappointed that they didn’t put it out 20 years ago. I’ll have to get this new one when I get a few bux.

  8. A stellar (timeless?) show, Doc!

    Who sang on Great Gig back then? Given her history with the band, I’m assuming it wasn’t Claire …

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