This Is Not A Drill, Pittsburgh!

Spoiler alert!!!   If you haven’t seen Roger’s new tour yet and don’t want to spoil anything for yourself, you can still listen to the first 24 minutes of this podcast before you should stop, otherwise, carry on! We start out with the new 2018 remix of Dogs and then some news from our friend Philip from Now, as for the concert recording, the reverb was so bad in the arena you may need to adjust your high or low ends. I hope it sounds okay on your side. If you enjoy, please consider a donation. THANK YOU! Here’s the playlist.

6 thoughts on “This Is Not A Drill, Pittsburgh!

  1. Thanks for posting this, Doc! We caught the show in Chicago on Tuesday. I’m not an audiophile so I can’t say if it was a reverb problem, but the sound was definitely off so that was disappointing. Wish he’d done more solo stuff and fewer Wall tracks. The not-so-subtle digs at Gilmour were unfortunate, too. We had a good time but I thought the US + Them tour was a better show.

  2. Wonderfull !!!! I am a pink Floyd fan and colector and with this sounds i Could Join more pieces for my collection!!!!

    Thank you só much
    And ” HEY ,Bolsonaro leave the kids LIVE!!! Could be sing on next elections on next October.

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