This Earthly Heaven

The idea for this edition of Brain Damage was inspired by David Gilmour’s decision to donate 21+ million dollars raised from selling his guitar collection to ClientEarth.  So I figure an Earth themed podcast would be cool.  Most of the tracks featured have something to do with Mother Earth or the environment.  Hope you enjoy.  Here’s the playlist!

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13 thoughts on “This Earthly Heaven

  1. Awesome bonus track at the end! I know their music is derided by some and kind of a relic of the eco-consciousness/world music movement of the 90’s, but what can I say? I was an impressionable teenager when I first heard it, and I love it to this day!

    Great ep as always.

  2. I have a ?, What is the origin of the more up-tempo music that begins once 5:AM starts to fade out? It sounds like the same song, is this some outtake left off the record or something?

    • I think this is the best podcast youve ever done and I’ve listened to them since almost the beginning.
      Listening to this one makes me want to show up with a seasonal Sam Adams variety pack and chill.

  3. Such an awesome episode! This is the kind of “mix” you can use to play to people who wants to know Wot’s… Uh the Deal with The Floyd. Great work, thanks for the shot, Doctor!

  4. This looks to be a great podcast. And a big thanks for adding Baby Lemonade, its always great to hear some solo Syd. Thanks!

    • Nope. Apart from mentioning the world was flat, that song is about social change for the better. Just didn’t fit the overall theme.

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